Twice-exceptional students are learners who are identified as gifted and talented and also identified with a disability. The potential of these  gifted students with disabilities  may go undetected. The resulting inconsistent academic performance can lead educators to believe twice-exceptional students are not putting forth adequate effort. Hidden disabilities may prevent students with advanced cognitive abilities from achieving their potential. The frustrations related to unidentified strengths and disabilities can result in behavioural and social/emotional issues. For some twice-exceptional students, behaviour plans become the focus of their support. School can become a very frustrating experience for struggling twice-exceptional students, their teachers, and parents. Focusing on learning strengths/passions and thinking about how learning challenges may, in fact, be instrumental in certain innovative ways of thinking may turn around a twice-exceptional students’ learning experience.”


Taken from Colorado Department of Education Resource Guide called “Twice Exceptional Students, Gifted students with Disabilities: An Introductory Resource Guide“. The link below provides access to the twice exceptional resource guide. Hover over the link and press   Ctrl+                 : Then go to the heading entitled publications.