Understanding Advanced Learners

The Advanced Learning Team provides support to teachers identifying highly-able learners and finding resources to address their cognitive and social-emotional needs.

The 8 Great Gripes of Gifted Students

1. No one explains what being gifted is all about.

2. The stuff we do in school is too easy.

3. People expect us to be perfect.

4. Kids tease us about being smart.

5. There are few friends who really understand us.

6. We feel different and wish people would accept us as we are.

7. We feel overwhelmed by the number of things we can do.

8. We worry about world problems and feel helpless to do anything.


On the below pages, we have begun to collect resources we frequently distribute to schools in the areas of:

Articles — research articles on highly-able learners and giftedness

Overexcitabilities — information about overexcitabilities or personality traits associated with highly-able learners

Social Emotional Development — resources and information related to social-emotional needs

Twice-Exceptional Students — information on students who are gifted and have also been identified with a learning disability