Try out these great math sites:

Math Frog Resources and Online Games for Grades 4,5 and 6. French available for some materials.

SET Game — highly addictive, original game of visual perception.  There are free online games and also board games for purchase.

IXL Math Skills Modules Online — K-12 modules to complete online, which can be used for daily work above grade level, to track progress, or to determine grade-level proficiency as matched with BC Learning Outcomes.

University of Waterloo Online Resources — Math resources online for K-12

Real-World Math Problems — University of Waterloo website with real-world challenges involving math; accessible to those able to do grade 9/10 level math, but also useful to determine some focus areas for project-based math or areas for further, independent research with advanced learners.

Math Resources for Educators by Peter Liljedahl, Associate Professor Faculty of Education, SFU. Variety of problem-solving, real-world math and numeracy task ideas.

Mathematics Contests – ABEL:  Students can work on past versions of the ABEL math test for grade 4/5 students for additional challenge or practice. They can also choose to participate in the annual ABEL exam offered through the Burnaby District in May. Link courtesy of the Mathematics Specialists with Burnaby via their learning blog where additional resources may be available.

Math-Kitecture Real-Life Math:  Create architecture plans online in a real-world math situation.

Splash Math Apps — Variety of grade-level mathematics apps for the iPad

 Ken Ken Puzzles — Similar to Sudoku but even more fun! Select difficulty and types of operations. Play online or via the iPad app.

NRICH Math — Online games and activities for enrichment of K-12 Math

ILLUMINATIONS  — NCTM Resources for Teaching Math; lesson plans, brain teasers, games