Challenge Program Grade 6-7

Challenge Program Grade 6-7 Refferal Process

Below please find application details for the Burnaby School District’s Grade 6/7 Challenge Program. Should you have any questions, please contact Emily Ginter, Advanced Learning Helper Teacher.

Table of Contents:
Program Goals
Program Structure
Candidate Identification and Referral
Deadline for Online Application
Parent Information
Module Descriptions and Applications

Program Goals

In the Grade 6/7 Challenge Program, students will:

  • engage in complex, challenging activities in areas of passionate interest,
  • connect and collaborate with like-minded peers while developing a positive self-concept,
  • develop competence in, enthusiasm for, and commitment to problem-solving,
  • foster creative and critical thinking skills, and
  • comprehend their own strengths in relation to self and society.


Program Structure

  • There are three, passion-based modules offered over the span of the school year. This is different from the grade 2-5 programs which run all year.
  • Each module runs for 6-7 weeks
  • There are a maximum of 48 students per module. For each module there are four groups of 12 students each that run on two different days of the school week
  • Sessions are ½ day, once per week, 9:15-11:15 AM or 12:45 – 2:45PM


Candidate Identification and Referral

  • Candidates are identified by the schools in consultation with the school’s resource team and classroom teachers.
  • Schools may identify up to two Students per Module (up to 6 in total = 2 students x 3 Modules)
  • Schools must fill out one online form for each Student Nomination (up to 6 forms in total).
  • Students should be told the module descriptions and choose one of interest. It is important students are genuinely interested in a module’s topic, as that will be the focus for the entire session.
  • Students do not need a gifted “P” designation to participate; however, they should demonstrate behaviours from the highly-able student profile in order to fully enjoy the challenge program experience.
  • As they are not required to make up missed work, students should be able to miss class time without significantly impacting their success.
  • A single student can be nominated for 1, 2 or all 3 modules depending on interests and the number of students a school identifies.


Deadline for Online Application

Applications may be submitted between April 3rd to May 15th, 2020. The deadline for online applications is Friday, May 15th.


Parent Information

Parents/guardians are responsible for transportation to and from the program. Please determine if this is an issue before you nominate a student.

A confirmation letter will be sent to schools for distribution to parents before the end of the school year. If letters have not been received by June 20th, please contact Emily Ginter,  Advanced Learning Helper Teacher.

The letter will indicate the specific module for each student, program location as well as the general time of year for their module. In September, schools will be contacted with the specific schedule, including days of the week and times.


Module Descriptions and Applications

Module A: Invention-O-Mania 
October – November (2019)

Plan it, Build it, Knock it down! Come explore the exciting world of invention and creative design.  As students build their wild and wonderful inventions they will explore:

  • the key aspects of the design process,
  • the ethics behind new innovations in our world past and present,
  • what it means to be a creative risk taker and
  • the lives of great inventors



Module B: Thinking Like a Philosopher 
January –March (2020)

Do you like to think about big questions? Do you enjoy delving into tough topics?  In this module students will explore a few of the the major fields of philosophy and learn about the lives of famous philosophers.  

In this module, students will:

  • participate in philosophical discussions
  • use sophisticated creative and critical thinking skills,
  • grapple with ethical dilemmas,
  • explore and develop the capability to support opinions
  • learn about their unique leadership style


Module C: SELFIE – Art and Photography
April-May (2020)

SNAP! What is art? Who are we? What makes a powerful image? How do we represent ourselves in digital form?

In this session, you will use a combination of photography, creative writing and art to:

  • learn photographic compositional techniques,
  • create metaphors with words and photos,
  • critically examine the digital world around you,
  • delve into big questions (eg. Who am I, What is art, Why are we here…),
  • take creative risks and
  • create a layered, unexpected portrait of yourself.