Bringing  Exceptional  Thoughts Alive
A program for highly able learners in Grades 8-9



BETA Mini School Presentation Oct 2019

Program Information

The BETA Mini School at Alpha Secondary is designed to enrich, challenge and support students who have demonstrated high potential, talent and ability. In an inclusive environment of intellectual peers, the students participate in rigorous, complex, creative, cognitive challenges in a collaborative environment. This differentiated program offers an exciting and engaging learning environment designed to support students of high ability to reach their intellectual, personal and social potential. For the 2019/2020 school year, the Mini School will host students in grades 8 through 12.  Students who are already in the program do not need to reapply. Should vacancies come available in existing classes through the years, students not already in the program can apply for consideration to fill these vacant spots.

Program Design:

Cohort class for core curriculum subject areas (English, Math, Science, Social Studies)

Flexible scheduling to allow for compacted curriculum and Independent Directed Study credit in the pursuit of passion area

Physical Education, Applied Skills, French and electives with the Alpha school community

Instructional Model:

Provides opportunities for the student to develop as a self-directed, life-long learner, by focusing on:

o   individual development and identity

o   differentiated instruction and self-directed learning

o   enrichment and engagement

o   seminars, inquiry and in-depth study

  • Interdisciplinary instruction exploring and applying conceptual connections across disciplines
  • Provide opportunities to connect with a community of experts in various fields
  • Technology integration and digital literacy that specifically supports the inter-disciplinary nature of the program

Candidate Identification:

  • Intellectually curious
  • High task commitment
  • The ability to deal with increased pace, depth and complexity, and open-ended tasks
  • Willingness to reflect on own learning
  • Social responsibility and collaboration with other learners
  • Passion and drive for learning and strong desire to be in this type of learning environment
  • High intellectual and creative ability


Selection Criteria / Application Process:

In consultation with the school, parents can put forth an application to the BETA Mini School Program for their child. For more details on the application process and requirements, please see the Mini School Application Process Page.