We are potato farmers!

Division Four was lucky enough to take part in the Spuds in Tubs program sponsored by the BC Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation.We studied the Big Idea of “all living things sense and respond to their environment”. The inquiry questions we investigated were: How do living things sense, respond, and adapt to stimuli in their environment? How is sensing and responding related to interdependence within ecosystems? How do plants response to light, touch, water, gravity.

We planted Warba Seed Potatoes in March before Spring Break.  The students worked together to empty bags of soil into tubs to ready them for planting. They all got their hands dirty and planted the seed potatoes. The potato plants stayed in the classroom over spring break and when we returned, we were all amazed by how much they had grown. After about 3 1/2 more weeks inside our classroom, the plants were ready to be moved outside. Thank you to Mr. C for helping water our plants. By the third week of June, the plants were ready to be harvested. Once again it was time to get our hands dirty and we dug our potatoes out, all 257 of them! Thank you to Mrs. J and Mrs. N for helping wash and prepare the potatoes. We all really enjoyed eating our potatoes and talking about how we had grown them!


Hip Hop

Division 4 learned some hip hop dance moves from Troy our awesome dance teacher. Working with the Big Idea that Dance is a unique language for creating and communicating, we learned a dance routine and performed it for the school community. Dance and Choreographic form created meaning in the arts. Plus it was a lot of fun!


Robotics is Fun

Division Four has been learning to code this year as part of the redesigned curriculum. We used coding to instruct a robot to perform specific tasks. Student attention was high and focus was sharp during these classes!

Robotics and coding are content areas of the Applied Design, Skills and Technology curriculum which we have been learning about this year. One of the Big Ideas is “complex tasks may require multiple tools and technologies” which is what coding and robotics involve. Through this curriculum, I have seen aspects of the Critical Thinking Competency as students examine their own thinking, and that of others through observation, experience, and various forms of communication.



April is gymnastics month! One of the Big Ideas of Physical Health Education is “physical activity enables us to practice skillful movement and helps us develop personal fitness”. 

We were lucky to have our instructor, Heidi, who helped us learn the proper technique for fundamental movement skills, including non-locomotor, locomotor, and manipulative skills.


BC Mine Museum

On a beautiful cool day, Division 4 visited the BC Mine Museum at Britannia.  The ‘Big Idea’ we were studying in Science was Earth materials change as they move through the rock cycle and can be used as natural resource. This enriching field trip provided some “hands on learning experiences”.

Some student comments about the trip to Britannia include:

I learned that the brittania mines was a huge copper mine back in the day. I also learned that the brittania mines was open from 1904-1974. It was open for 70 years.” ~ Mara

“I learned that the Brittania Mine was the largest mine and that they only mine copper there. I also learned that when the miners where drilling holes the miners were actually breathing in small particles of glass making miners sick L ~ Shaira

“I leaned there were people called Muckers. I wouldn’t want this job because you could lose your hearing.” ~ Vincesid

“What I learned at BC Museum of mining was how to gold pan, how do people find minerals, and how they made tunnels.” ~ James

“I learned that the miners had to make many holes in the rocks then put dynamite in the holes to explode the rocks and find the minerals.” ~ Jazzmin

“My favourite memory from the BC Museum of Ming was when we went into the mountain mines. Before I went to the museum, I never was in a real life mine so that memory is really special to me.” ~ Brandon

“One of my favourite memories was when I was gold panning. I liked how we got to keep the rocks and minerals we found. I didn’t find any gold but I found pyrite ad crystals. It was amazing.” ~ Kunal

“My favourite memory was when we were riding in the mine carts, it was like a rollercoaster and it was fun sitting with my friend. Going in the mine was cool too! I couldn’t believe that people actually mined there.” ~ Geiya

“My favourite memory was gold panning because it was so fun and I got 1 pice of gold (real) and 3 peces of pieright.” ~ Destiny

“My favourtite memory was when we where in the mine while it was pitch dark. I also liked the miners whisle because it was so loud.” ~ Boney


Metal Leaf Forming Workshop

Our class had a wonderful opportunity to participate in a Metal Leaf Forming workshop. In this workshop students learned how to bend, fold and texture annealed copper.  They also handled vices in order to bend, shape, texture, and manipulate metal with various hammering techniques. 

Students learned the annealing process of metal, demonstrating that it needed to be softened in order to work with it and shape it.

This workshop directly linked to the revised curriculum in Applied Design, Skills and Technology as it allowed students to learn the characteristics and uses of metals as well as introduced metalworking techniques and processes using hand tools. 


Junior Achievement Works for Division 4!

During the months of January and February, Division Four students learned about business. We experienced the Junior Achievement Program called Our Business World which helps students explore their entrepreneurial potential and understand how businesses operate.

Our Junior Achievement volunteer, Marie, taught us many business concepts and how to succeed in business. Students learned about the importance of having a marketable product, a good location and being a positive community member. Concepts were taught using a variety of strategies, from scenario cards to online video games to board games. We not only learned about business but had a lot of fun doing it!