Learning Together with Little Bits

Little Bits empower everyone to create inventions by using colour coded bits that each have a specific function (i.e. motion, lights, sound, sensors). All bits snap together with magnets to make larger circuits.

Our class divided themselves into their groups to make their creations. They named the groups: Terabytes, Buzzers, Software Engineers, Loose Wires, Electric Shockers and Hackers.

These are some of the comments made:

“We came up with ideas that could make it more “better” or “smarter.”

“I was giving lots of suggestions to my group for ideas we could make like a car.”

“We all gave ideas like the fan and the buzzer.”

“We all showed a lot of teamwork and we worked together for all the things we made.”

“Whenever someone would build something cool I would say “whoa that’s cool!”

“Whenever my friends wanted to do an idea I would say great idea lets get to work.”

“I encourage others in my team sometimes but usually they sometimes encourage me.”

“I recommend to try little bits because it’s fun and you can learn some stuff.”

“I really love doing little bits so I want to know where did you buy it.”

“One of the ideas we made were we got as many fans as we could and made a little fan station so we wouldn’t get hot.”

“I liked that you can interact with friend, make friends and have fun. When we make creations we talk to each other. You also feel happy when you have finished your creation.”

“I liked how you can make technology with your bare hands, make your own car and it’s fun.”