Coming soon…!

The day has finally arrived for the whole school to share their cardboard challenge creations.  Classes will be open tomorrow, Friday November 18, for parents, family members and the community to see what we have been doing.  District personnel and the media will be here too!  

Please join us from 1:30 to 3:00 to see what your child has been creating.  If you need to make other arrangements to see your child’s work, please contact me by email.

Yesterday a letter went home about a parent information evening we will be hosting on Thursday November 23.  We will be giving some information about the new curriculum, and what this will look like in terms of assessment and feedback on your child’s progress. The meeting will take place in the library from 7-8 pm.  Please return the form that went home so we know how many parents to expect.

November 29 will be our first skating session this year.  We are in need of parent volunteers to help supervise the walk up to the rink and tie skates for kids.  If you are not renting skates, please make sure your child brings their own on this day.  All students must wear a helmet, or they will not be permitted on the ice.  Also, please remember to dress appropriately for the weather and the rink on skating days!

The cardboard challenge is well on it’s way!

We are into our second week of creating and building our cardboard challenge projects.  Thank you to all of the adults who have been volunteering their afternoons to help keeps us focused and safe with the tools we are using.  

Here are a few teaser photos of what is to come.  We can’t wait to have you all join us for our official unveiling on November 18!

        img_1526    img_1525img_1521  img_1524

How will a growth mindset help us to learn Math?

Last week Division 6 reunited in one common Math class.  We began our joint venture with a week of “Inspirational Math”.  This week of lessons was designed by Stanford professor and author Jo Boaler.  Her website is a fantastic resource if you are interested in looking at it further.

Quite often I will hear students say something to the effect of  “I’m just not a Math person”.  We learned last week that there is no such thing as a “Math person”, just like there is no such thing as and “art person” or a “sports person”.  We are all capable of learning Math, if we are willing to put in the effort and persevere through our difficulties.  This week we also learned:

  • mistakes are an important part of our learning.  There is brain research to show that mistakes make more connections in the brain than when we get an answer correct.
  • Math is about depth, not speed
  • visual representations in Math are powerful
  • being able to see patterns in Math is important.  Math is all about patterns!

According to Jo Boaler, here is how you can help your child learn Math:



Division 6 needs your help!

The students of Division 6 have been designing, planning and collecting materials for our school wide cardboard challenge.  We will soon begin building our creations, and we are hoping some of you can help us.
If you don’t know about the cardboard challenge yet, watch this video about the little boy who inspired a movement!

Mindset check-up!

This short survey will help you to see where you are on the mindset spectrum. Click here mindset-check-up  There are no right or wrong answers!

Remember, this is only a starting point. Everyone is capable of growing and improving their mindset, just like we can grow and improve in any other skill or activity.

Division 6 has already learned about where they are on the mindset spectrum, so this is a great opportunity for reflection and discussion together.


Supplies for Division 6

The following supplies are required for the school year. We encourage the students to take good care of their property. Please label all school supplies with your child’s name.

The following is a general supply list for all Gr. 4/5s:

  • 2 pkg. of 10 HB pencils
  • 2 blue pens
  • 1 red pen
  • 2 highlighter pens
  • 2 black Sharpie pens
  • 2 white erasers
  • 1 pair of scissors
  • 1 pkg. of 12 pencil crayons
  • 1 pkg. of 12 fine felt pens
  • 1 30 cm ruler – with cm and mm
  • 1 basic calculator
  • 1 USB memory stick
  • 1 box of tissues
  • 4 glue sticks
  • 1 bottle of white glue

Some additional supplies are required for students of Div. 6:

  • 1 1­½ inch binder (no larger)
  • 8-10 subject dividers in a variety of colours (specifically green, yellow, red, orange, blue, purple and clear/white)
  • 3 Duotangs (3 hole)
  • 200 Sheets lined paper
  • 1 Pencil sharpener
  • 1 Supply box
  • 4 dry erase (white board) markers
  • 2 pkg. of post-it notes (large enough to write on – minimum 7.5 cm / 3 inch square)

Welcome to a new year in Division 6!


This weaving represents how students felt about Division 6 at the end of last year.

Dear Parents and guardians,

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and give you some information about your child’s class this year.  I am looking forward to a year of learning, personal growth and creativity with this group of students.

This is my tenth year teaching in Burnaby.  I have taught a range of grades, from one to twelve, but most of my experience is at the intermediate level.  My background is in French Education, Curriculum development, Assessment and Differentiation.  I am currently working on a Masters of Arts in Expressive Arts Therapy and Psychology.  You will likely see evidence of this training in the work we will be doing throughout the year.

I hope that you will see I strive to create a classroom that is safe and inclusive of all learners. Building a strong sense of community is important to me, and I want everyone to feel that they are a valued member of that community.  Division 6 is a classroom of diverse learners and I want every student to receive the instruction they need at their level, but are also being challenged to push forward in their own learning journey.  I also want my students to pursue their curiosities, ask questions about the world around them, and be inspired in their creativity. This year will require your child to play an integral part in their own learning and our classroom climate will be one of growth, not perfection.

I am excited for the year ahead, and I’m looking forward to getting to know all about this wonderful group of kids!  If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Ms. Willis

Congratulations and thank you to Ms. Kondo!

IMG_4813I wanted to take the opportunity to thank and appreciate Ms. Kondo for all of her hard work and the impact she has left on Division 6.  Ms. Kondo first came to our class in the fall when she was just beginning her learning journey as a student teacher at SFU.  She made quick connections with the students and became an important part of our classroom community.

During her long practicum over the last seven weeks, Ms. Kondo has taught us all so much.  She has engaged us in interesting activities, shared her own experiences with us, opened our minds to different points of view, helped us when we needed it most, and made us laugh a lot too!

Ms. Kondo, we will miss you so much, but feel free to drop by for a visit at any time.  We wish you all the best in your continued learning journey and your future as a fantastic teacher!


Division 6