Home Reading Club

Reading Takes you Places! Lire c’est partir!



The library home reading program runs from October 2017-May 2018. We are exploring Canada and Canadian authors and illustrators this year. Each month we will visit a province.

Students need to read each night and mark their reading passports for the month.  Passports should be returned to the library by the due date to have your child’s reading recorded for the month.

Reading Club Due Dates:

  • October – due by November 15th
  • November – due by December 12th
  • December – due by January 16th
  • January – due by February 13th
  • February – due by March 13th
  • March – due by April 17th
  • April – due by May 15th
  • May – due by June 12th

NOTE: Students who complete 200 nights of reading will earn a free book!