Young People’s Concerts

For over 40 years, the Burnaby School District has offered an annual concert series  for students in grades 4-7. In 2016-2017 over 6700 students participated. Held at the beautiful Michael J Fox Theatre, these concerts offer a wide range of artistic experiences.

In 2017-2018 we are hosting 3 concerts:

  • The BLUES BERRIES – Blues Rocks!, November 20-23 & 27, 2017
  • Monster Theatre Company: Shakespeare’s Dream,  January  22nd -26th, 2018
  • Shayna Jones: Folk and Wisdom Tales from Around The World,  February 19th-23rd, 2018


Performance Details:

  • For Shayna Jones: Folk and Wisdom Tales from Around the world KWL chart click here.
  • For Blues Berries – Blues Rocks  click here.
  • For Monster Theatre: Shakespeare’s Dream click here

Theatre Expectations click here.

2 Responses to Young People’s Concerts

  1. Ms.Dobson says:

    Oh this should be interesting, you guys have the most beautiful & great concerts for schools I think it makes the children happy thank you Micheal J Fox Theater.

  2. vpa says:

    Thank-you so much! We are also very proud of the Young People’s Concerts!

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