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Multiplication Quiz tomorrow

Hello Grade 5s!

Here is what we did today in math as a reminder of what you should be looking at tomorrow.

 Also, if you are not sure how to do Standard Form, here is the image we worked with in class. Remember to follow the colours of the rainbow!

Good luck! Remember the more that you practice, the better off you will be!

Here are some links to help you practice:

Also, here is a video if you want more help with 2 x 2 standard form:


Gibberish Math Problem Conversation.

Please add your own questions at the comments. Also, feel free to reply to the other students to solve their questions.

Here is a problem to get you going: (make sure to explain how you solved it)

1. The clockenspiel has 578 aganos. The first layer of aganos has 244 aganos. How many aganos are in the 2nd layer?

2. There are 15 more exantos than picantos. There are 45 exantos and picantos in total. How many picantos and exantos are there?

Grade 5 Math Mini-Quiz Wednesday

Dear Grade 5s,

Make sure you know all of the shapes below!

Grade 5 Math Test next week!

Greetings Grade 5s!

Thanks for your hard work creating your cheat sheets this week. Below are my copies of the cheat sheets for this test. We will be doing lots of review and I think your cheat sheet will come in handy. This was a huge unit!!!

Fraction and Decimal Benchmarks Quiz

Dear Grade 5s,

Thank you for coming to the blog to study for your mini math quiz tomorrow! Remember, all you need to do is memorize which fraction goes with which decimal. It will be a matching quiz! Simple, and since you visited the blog you got a heads up on what the quiz will be like. Happy studying!!!

Mrs. Darbyshire

Fractions Review – Quiz Thursday

Hello Grade 5s,

Below are the notes from class today and what we discussed for the quiz tomorrow. I am adding a couple new links on the side for you to practice with. Happy Studying!!!

Mrs. Darbyshire

Mr.Duey Fraction Rap

The fraction rap is so funny and awesome.

Equivalent Fractions Homework!

You need to go to this website:

You need to attempt at least 20 questions (if you do more, I may give a prize to the student who attempts the most!)

After you do the questions:

  1. Click Report Totals
  2. Print or Email your results (
  3. Or get your Mom/Dad to sign the results that you did.
  4. Bring it to school Monday.

If you want extra practice before you start, here are the websites we used in class:

Long Division Video

The 2 Methods of 2 by 2 Multiplication

We have learned two methods for 2 by 2 multiplication. Some students find the Makes Sense Way easier while others are finding the Standard Method easier. Below is an illustration from class on how to do both methods. Students are responsible for knowing how to do both methods.