Spaghetti Tower

The students were challenged to create a free-standing tower as tall as they could using spaghetti and tape. They had to place a marshmallow somewhere at the top and still keep the tower standing. We measured the height from the base to the top of the marshmallow to see who had the tallest tower.

Drama Workshop

New Year

Happy New Year!! Sorry for the lack of updates! I will be trying to update the blog more often. We are looking forward to having the Burnaby Art Gallery come to do a print making project with us at the end of the month. The grade six students also have skiing at Whistler to look forward too. Hope everyone had a wonderful break!

Marble challenge

We had a great time completing our marble challenge. The students worked in groups to design and build (using only paper and tape) something that would take a marble 20 seconds to reach the ground. I was very happy with the group work by Division 3!