Mrs. Boyd & Mrs. Rowe – Salmon

Learn about the First Salmon Ceremony and other traditions of the Coast Salish People in Peska and The First Salmon Ceremony.

Explore the traditional territory of the Sto:lo People here.

Division 4 – Ms. Girling

Division 4 spent several months researching and gaining knowledge about a biome of the world, with a specific focus on climate, temperature, animals, plants, and their adaptations.  These videos represent the students’ efforts, learning, and application of critical thinking.  After the videos were completed and presented, the students had the opportunity to reflect on their learning using the core competencies.


Division 10 – Mrs. Perry & Mrs. D’Agnolo
Division 10 has been learning the first steps of computer programming through the use of Bee Bots.  These robots follow the directions that the students program or “code” for them.  In the following video, the Bee Bots make their way through a maze that the students worked cooperatively to build and programmed the code for the bee’s movements.

Division 6 – Mrs. Taylor-Gibbs

Division 6 used Chatterpix Kids to record information about the continent on which their treehouse can be found, as well as the animals and plants that are found there.