One More Fieldtrip

Dear Parents:
We have decided to have a picnic at Confederation Park on Monday June 26th with  Mrs Stolb, Mrs Pears, and Mrs Sokugawa’s classes. We will leave for the picnic just after recess and return to the school around “2ish”. We will be playing and eating our lunch at the park. Feel free to send your child with food to share with others as long as it is peanut free. Send your child to school wearing her/his bathing suit, or in a bag to change into at the park. S/he will also need a towel to dry off with and a towel or blanket to sit on. 
Feel free to send frisbees, balls, and anything else your child would like to play with at the park (but no water guns). Please ensure that your child has a hat and sunscreen if it is a sunny day. We will go to the park if it is cloudy. However if it is raining, we will have an “in-school picnic” and have our lunch and do fun activities in the activity room together.
If you are available, we would love it if you could come join us at the park.
Thank you,
Mrs. Stolb

Field trip edit

Please check the revamped field trip information.  We have to charge students a small portion of the fee ($4.50 of the $8.50 entrance fee).  The revised form is being sent home today.

Swimming Fun

We had a great time at the pool last week even though we had a few wet days.

Everyone got much better at swimming.  Many students even got brave enough to jump off the diving board!


Just a reminder that we are in swimming lessons all next week.  We will leave the school at 10:30, travel by bus to Kensington Pool.  Our lesson is from 11:00-11:30.  Then we get back on the bus so we are at school for lunch.  All students are asked to bring  a bathing suit (preferably wear under their clothes) and a towel.  Sunscreen is recommended if it is sunny.  We go rain or shine.

It should be a lot of fun!

Field Trips

 We are planning two field trips for the Grade Two classes before the end of the year.  The first is on May 23.  It is an in class trip from

Mike’s Critters to complement our animals unit.  There will be no cost for this.  The next trip is to Burnaby Village on June 21.  We will

require parent drivers as well as a few parents to stay for the day.  Watch for further information on cost and times. 

On The Mend

Hello everyone!

I wanted to catch everyone up on how I am doing. In one word – Great! Recovery is going well. I am walking, my staples are out, physio is going well. 

I really miss everyone, but I know Mrs. Chong is doing a great job. We look forward to seeing all the parents next week at conferences. Confirmations will go home Monday.  I also plan to attend the pancake breakfast so may see some parents there (and of course I’ll eat with the kids!).

I’ll keep you posted as things move along. I look forward to my return in February.

Mrs. Stolb is finally getting her knee fixed!

To the parents of students in Division 11,

As many of you are aware, I have been dealing with advanced osteoarthritis for several years.  Unfortunately, the time has finally come to take more drastic action.  My surgeon has scheduled me for total knee replacement surgery on November 16. 

This means I will be off work for three months.  My last day will be November 10.  I plan to return on Feb. 13.  A teacher has been hired to replace me for that time.  Her name is Ms. Correiro.  She has met the students and will be in the week of November 7-10 to learn about the classroom and students, then she will start teaching on Monday, November 14.  I plan to be here with Ms. Correiro for parent teacher interviews in December. 

I have talked to the students about this transition.  I do not want to cause them unnecessary anxiety.  I know they are going to be in very good hands, but I also know that any major change is difficult. 

Thank you in advance for your support.  The decision to move forward with surgery was a difficult one, but necessary.  I look forward to returning in a much healthier state.

Mrs. Stolb


We did our first e portfolio

Everyone completed an e portfolio today and posted it.  Ask your child to log in and show off what they did! Please note that these are unedited pieces of work.  They serve as an example of your child’s work at this time.  The purpose is not to correct their work, but rather for them to learn the process.  Be proud of your child for accomplishing a multi step assignment.

Halloween is Coming Soon!

Sorry this is so late!  We have been so busy I forgot to send you information about Monday.  In the morning (just after 9 AM) we will be having a costume parade with the whole school.  We will go to the gym and each class will have a chance to ‘show off’ their costume.  At 1:00 we will have a classroom party with treats, games and a movie.  We will only have half the class bring goodies as there would be far too much if everyone brought something to share.  For Halloween, the following people are on for treats:  Abi, Chase, Grace, Graydon, Isabella, Ivano,Jake, Jayden, Jason, Jes.  The rest of the class will bring treats for Valentine’s Day.  Do not feel obligated to send something if you are unable.  Also, if Halloween is your passion and you really want to send something even though you are not on the list, please feel free to do so.  pumpkin-187601_640