Letter of the Week

letter-c-909232_640 October 24 to 27 we will be studying the letter “c” that says the sounds of “cute cat”.

Please have your child cut out the letter provided (practise makes progress)and add pictures, drawings or items to the paper letter.

Bring something to school that begins with the sound “Cc” not “Ch”, these are two different sounds.    It must be small enough to fit in your hand.

Laity Pumpkin Patch

Thank you to Marcy, Ieva, Nicole, Javona and Manjit for volunteering to come and make our sunny visit to the pumpkin patch a great success.

We saw many pumpkins, went through a corn maze, visited the characters in the forest and learned a little about First Nations living accommodations up North, on the coast and on the plains. Your children even had a little tractor ride, ate our lunch in a Greenhouse and balance on a triangular support-system maze. What was your child’s favourite part of the field trip and why?

Enjoy the photos!


Visitor from Vancity

Today Ms. N. Tuan visited our classroom and read a book called Start Saving Henry!  The students made a personal “piggy” bank to start them saving their allowances.  She discussed the importance of saving and wisely spending money.  Ms. N. Tuan supervises the banking program offered to students at Gilmore every Wednesday at lunch. The students also received a personal certificate to encourage then to save. This is a start to their financial literacy and understanding numeracy.


books-1245744_640 Your child will be bringing home library books every Thursday in a special blue bag.

Please read the book and ask questions to see if your child is understanding the story.

Suggest to your child that he or she tells someone else in your home about the book you have just read.

Reading books more that once helps children to develop strong literacy skills.

Please return the book and special blue bag to our classroom to the Special Plastic Green Bin before Thursday at 9:00 am.