Textiles 9-12: Cultural/Ceremonial Clothing

April 6, 2017

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Searching Tips:
country or culture AND “~traditional ~clothes”

check museums, government sites, travel guides

31 Traditional forms of dress from around the world  
In pictures: traditional dresses around the world – roughguides.com

Ethnic Textiles images – Pinterest 
Striking Photos of Cultural Fashions You Have to See – National Geographic 
Traditional attires from around the world – MSN.com

Traditional Dress from Asia 

Unfolding Cloth Across Cultures – UBC Museum of Anthropology

Canada – First Nations
Button Blanket – UBC Museum of Anthropology  – history of use, techniques, etc.
Canada’s First Peoples 
First Nations in Canada – scroll down to the paragraph on clothes
Kanata Blanket – First Nations Museum
Métis Clothing

Moccasins – UBC Museum of Anthropology – click on the links for more information 
Moccasins – Canadian Encyclopedia

Moccasins of the First Nations – On Canadian Ground – links on left side bar

Chinese Clothing 
Chinese Ethnic Minority Textiles 
Chinese Traditional Clothing – Gale Virtual Reference Library  
In the mood for cheongsam 
The Unforgettable Art of Qipao – CCTV

Dutch National Costumes

Traditional Clothing of Guatemala

Different Types of Indian Women Clothing 
Sari – Fashion Encyclopedia
Traditional Indian Outfits 
Dressing the Indian Woman Through History – BBC  
Clothing – Encyclopedia Britannica – click on links for 

Clothing, Traditional: Japan – Gale Virtual Reference Library: Encyclopedia of Modern Asia 
A History of the Kimono – Victoria and Albert Museum 
Kimono – Victoria and Albert Museum 
Kimono History – links on the left side bar 
Canadian Museum of History  

Korean Hanbok 
Hanbok – Tourism Korea

Maori (Aboriginal – New Zealand)
Story:  Maori clothing and adornment 

Saudi Arabia
Traditional Clothes

Highland Wear Info 
Kilt – Metropolitan Museum – brief history 
How a kilt is made – YouTube video 
How do they do it: Scottish kilts? – YouTube video
Kilts dance to a new tune – BBC News

Scottish Tartans Museum 

Yup’ik Clothing
Nunivak Island Eskimo (Yuit) technology – p34 has a section on “Clothing”
More than garments, traditional Yup’ik parkas tell stories of past