SS 10 / SS 10H – Canadian Economy

Updated December 6, 2015

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Canadian Encyclopedia

Canadian Newspapers – digital edition
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CBC Digital Archives

Canadian Industry Statistics – can browse or search by industry

WebPath Express

Canadian Encyclopedia – gives you a Canadian perspective

Atlas of Canada

Canada in Context
Canadian Reference Centre
Global Issues in Context

Science in Context

CPI.Q. Canadian Periodicals Index Quarterly – a good place to start

Canadian Points of View


Alberta tar sand
CPI.Q. Canadian Index Quarterly – click on full-text link

Arctic sovereignty
CPI.Q. Canadian Index Quarterly – click on full-text link

Ice cap melting
Melting Ice Cap Could Trigger the Tsunamis

CPI.Q. Canadain Index Quarterly – click on full-text link

Enridge Pipeline
CPI.Q. Canadain Index Quarterly – click on full-text link

Corporate farming vs. small farms

Alberta Farming in 2000 – CBC Digital Archives

Explosion of Lac Megantic
CPI.Q. Canadain Index Quarterly – click on full-text link

Industry  Canada
Physical Regions of Canada

Statistics Canada Industry Profiles

Agriculture – ALR – BC
BC Ministry of Agriculture
BC Provincial Agricultural Land Commission
BC Farmers’ anger turns to support for Agricultural Land Reserve – Globe & Mail 2012 article
City of Richmond response to AGR use
Open letter to BC Minister of Agriculture – from BC Association of Farmers’ Market

Coal Mining

Coal Mining Across Canada – May 2014 article from Canadian Mining Journal website
Coal – report from Nova Scotia’s Energy Strategy (2001-2010)
Canada’s Energy Future 2013

BC Sardine Fishery Collapse – October 2013 article from National Post
Cod Fishing – CBC Digital Archives
Water Shed Watch Salmon Society
Farmed and Dangerous
BC Salmon Farmers
Can BC fish farms convince critics their practices are safe? – Global News June 2015

Fading BC salmon runs imperil First Nations’ traditions, says veteran observer – The Province Sept. 2015 article
The Nippon Foundation – UBC
Overfishing – Vancouver Sun

BC Ministry of Forestry
BC Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resources Sector – industry sanpshot up to 2012; economic state of forest sector, etc.
Canadian Forest Service
Naturally: Wood

Fossil Fuels
Fracking for Natural Gas and Oil -Sierra Club
Fracking and Climate Change
Unchecked Fracking threatens health, water supplies

Pipeline and Construction Projects – Enbridge
No pipeline, no tankers
Pipelines and politics: where the parties stand on oil & gas issues – Financial Post, Oct. 2015

Kinder Morgan Pipeline
Stop Kinder Morgan’s Tar Sands Pipeline

Hydroelectric Power
BC Hydro Site C’s impact on local stakeholders – 2014
First Nation issues BC government site C dam ultimatum – Global News, Sept. 2014
Site C

Labour crunch looms as thousands of temporary foreign workers forced to leave today – Financial Post, April 2015 article
Temporary Foreign Workers – Government of Canada

Living Wage 
BC new $10.45 minimum wage will rank lowest in Canada – Georgia Straight, Sept. 2015
BC Labour calls for $13 minimum wage – Global News, March 2014
Working for a living wage 2015

Big Game Information – BC Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations
Hunting and Trapping Regulations – BC Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations
Big game hunting a thriving industry in Canada – Global News, July 2015
Hunting and Trapping Regulations Synopsis – BC Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Operations

Whale Watching – Super, Natural BC

The case for exporting Canada’s water – National Post, Sept. 2015
Concerns about bulk water exports to the U.S. resurfaces – The Council of Canadians
Exporting water may be impractical, but it’s an issue we may soon have to consider
Water for Sale – Government of Canada

Environmental Organizations

Search within these websites for your topic

Greenpeace Canada
Pacific Wild
Sierra Club
Suzuki Foundation
Wilderness Committee
World Wildlife Fund


Alberta Tar Sands – 333.8232 NIK;  CLA
All about – Canadian geographical regions: SP917.11 MCD; 917.11 MCG
Agriculture –  338.1s; 382.41 BAI; 630 CAS; 630 FUT
Arctic sovereignty – 341.448 DUF; 341.42 CAR
Fishing – 338.3727s; 338.3726 BRO; 338.372709711 GLA
Forestry – 634
Ice cap – 363.73874s
Mining 338.7622 MAT;

Food Inc.  V 338.19 FOO
Food, Inc. – CBC documentary

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