Sci 8 – Earthquakes & Volcanoes

May 23, 2017


Earth’s Crust
The Earth’s Crust – GCSE Bitsize 

Earth’s Crust

Structure of the Earth – National Geographic Kids


Animations for Earthquake terms and and Concepts – USGS  

Earthquakes – BBC

Earthquake Facts – USGS 

Earthquakes for Kids -USGS 

Faultline – Seismic Science at the Epicenter

Science of Earthquakes – USGS 

Introduction to earthquake and tsunamis 

Learning Links & Earthquake Activities – USGS

What Is An Earthquake? – 4-minute YouTube video

Where do earthquakes happen?

Make Your Own Seismogram! – Northern California Earthquake Data Center

Introduction to volcanoes

Volcanoes – BBC Bitsize