S.S. 8 – Middle Ages

Updated February 14, 2016

EasyBib – use this online resource to create your bibliography

Biography in Context

Gale Virtual Books
Science in Context
WebPath Express
World Book Advanced
World History in Context

The Bayeux Tapestry: Unpicking the Past
Eleanor of Aquitaine
Everyday life in the Middle Ages – BBC Bitesize

Dietary Requirements of a Medieval Peasant
Joan of Arc 

The Middle Ages.net – various topics on the Middle Ages
Medieval Architecture
Medieval Civilisation – BBC Bitesize
Medieval Costume – 100-1499 AD
Medieval Food – British Library
Medieval Sourcebook  – primary and secondary sources from Fordham University
Life During the Middle Ages – click on the links on the left side bar
Overview of Middle Ages – in-depth articles from  BBC History
Medieval Women Interactive Exploration – McMaster University
The Printing Press

Town Life – Interactives from Annenberg Learner

– information on religion, homes, clothing, health, town life, etc.

The Age of Samurai
Samurai and Bushido
Samurai Life in Medieval Japan – a handout from Colorado University


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