S.S. 11 – Environment

May 22, 2014

EasyBib – use this online resource to create your bibliography

Canadian Points of View
Canadian Research Centre
Global Issues in Context
Science in Context
WebPath Express
World Book Advanced
World History in Context

Video links provided by Ms. Prasad

“Head to Head debate with Richard Lindzen”

PBS interview with Anthony Watts

Bill Moyer’s interview with David Suzuki
Bill Moyer’s interview with Kumi Naidoo
DN: ” U.N. Climate Panel Issues Dire Warning of Threat to Global Food Supply, Calls for Action & Adaption”

Canadian Resources
CPI.Q. Periodical Index
CBC Digital Archives – Environment
Canadian Encyclopedia
Canadian Newspapers Online
Canadian Points of View
Statistics Canada 

Acid Rain
Acid Rain – Environment Canada
Acid Rain – National Geographic 
What is Acid Rain? – U.S. EPA

Air Pollution

Air – Environment Canada
Air – Natural Resources Defense Council

Air Pollution – National Geographic 

The Air We Breathe – David Suzuki Foundation


Deforestation – National Geographic
Deforestation – WWF
Deforestation in Canada: The Facts – Natural Resources Canada

Depletion of the Ozone
Depletion of the Ozone Layer – Environment Canada – causes, status, health & environmental effects, etc.
Ozone Depletion – National Geographic

The Science of Ozone Layer Depletion – U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; links on left sidebar

Energy Waste

Nuclear Energy Waste Management – European Commission

Fresh Water Pollution
Water – Natural Resources Defense Council
Water Pollution – Environment Canada – links on the left sidebar

Greenhouse Effect

A Student’s Guide to Global Climate Change  – basics, impacts, etc.

Greenhouse Effect – NOAA

The Greenhouse Effect – Canada’s Action on Climate Change – includes causes, impacts, FAQs, etc.
The Greenhouse Effect – National Geographic

Land Pollution
Land Pollution – Encyclopedia Britannica


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