Geog. 12 Case Study

Updated April 27, 2017

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Global Issues in Context

Science in Context

Online Newspapers


Blood Diamonds – Time
Conflict Diamonds – Amnesty International
Conflict Diamonds –

Coltan: a new blood mineral – CBC
Coltan Gorillas and Cellphones
DR Congo Mineral – BBC
Human cost of mining in the DR Congo – BBC

Cocoa: a guide to trade practices – a PDF published by International Trade Center
Child Labour and Slavery in the Chocolate Industry
Cocoa Market Update, 2012 – World Cocoa Foundation

Refugees – UNHCR
Internally Displaced Figures – UNHRC

People displaced by war, violence and persecution – The Guardian
There have never been more people displaced across the world than now – Time
Refugees: risks and challenges world wide –

Folk and Popular Culture – Cultural Geography
Popular and Folk Culture – AP Central

3 out of 5 African Americans experience unfair police treatment – Denver Post
Ferguson police routinely violate rights of Blacks – NY Times

Bosnia-Herzegovina Profile – BBC
Genocide in Rwanda – UNHRC

China vs. the Philippines – Huffington Post
Everything you need to know about the South China Sea conflict –
South China Sea Dispute – BBC
Should the Philippines South China case against China proceed? – The Diplomat

The Indian-Pakistan War of 1965 – U.S. Department of State
Whose map is it anyway?
Kashmir territories profile – BBC News
The future of Kashmir? – BBC News

The Korean War, 1950-1953 – U.S. Department of State
South Korea Profile Timeline – BBC News
North Korea Profile Timeline – BBC News
The Korean War Overview – BBC News
Korean tension: a look at the conflict – CNN

Arab Spring: the research & study guide – Cornell University Library
Arab Uprisings – BBC News

The failures of the Arab spring were a long time in the making – The Economist

Fanaticism and Terrorism
Suicide Bombing – Encyclopedia Britannica
The Human Use of Human Beings – Department of History – Ohio State University
Emerging Trends in Terrorism and Threats Faced by Canada – Department of Justice
Cameron discusses risk of Paris style attack on the U.K. – BBC
Terror threat highest since 9/11 –  Dailymail

The city/suburb contrast: how can we measure it?  – StatsCan
Urban Patterns  – scroll down to slide #11
Causes of Inner City Poverty
Inner City Poverty in the U.S. – an open book from National Academic Press


HIV/AIDS – Medline Plus
Case Study of a Global Disease: AIDS