Geo. 12 – Ethical Mining

November 23, 2016

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“corrupt practices” “mining industry” “ethical mining” “mining and environment”  “mining corporations” and “environmental protection”    ” social responsibility of business” 


Global Issues in Context 

Science in Context 

World History in Context 

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World Book Online

Digital Newspapers – login required; can access archived issues of 10 major Canadian newspapers 

The Guardian Newspaper
New York Times 

Mount Polley:  A wake-up call for Canada’s mining industry – David Suzuki Foundation 

About Coal Mining Impacts – Greenpeace 

How can mining be more environmentally sustainable? 

The Missing Ethics of Mining – Ethics & International Affairs 

How to be an ethical mining company 

Panel: The Ethics of Mining and Development 

Canada must do much more to promote ethical mining – Toronto Star article

Canada Must Do Much More to Promote Ethical Mining – Centre for International Policy Studies

Mining:  Tomorrow and Beyond – Britannia Mine Museum

Conflict Diamonds 
Blood Diamonds – Time 
Conflict Diamonds – Globalwitness
Conflict Diamonds –

What is fracking and why is it controversial – BBC
The Process of Hydraulic Fracturing – U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Natural Disasters
Natural Disasters – BBC

Resource Wars
UK’s ex-science chief predicts century of ‘resource’ wars – theguardian

Tar Sands
About Tar Sands 
Tar Sands – Greenpeace
What is Oil Sands – Alberta Energy