Eng. 10 Mockingbird

November 16, 2015

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Biography in Context
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World History in Context

Jim Crow Laws 
Jim Crow Laws – Ferris State University
Jim Crow Laws – National Park Service
Jim Crow Laws – Smithsonian National Museum of American History
Jim Crow Laws – Encyclopedia Britannica
Jim Crow Laws – PBS

Scottsboro Trials 
Famous American Trials
Scottsboro Timeline – PBS
The Scottsboro Case – PBS
The Scottsboro Case – Scottsboro Boys Museum and Cultural Center

Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka 
Brown v. Board of Education – PBS
Brown v. Board of Education – Our Documents
Brown v. Board of Education
History – Brown v. Board of Education Re-enactment – United States Courts

Sit-In Campaign (1960s)
The Sit-in Movement – U.S. History
Sitting for Justice – Woolworth’s Lunch Counter
Sit-ins – Martin Luther King Jr. and the Global Freedom Struggle

Freedom Rides (1961)
Freedom Rides of 1961
Freedom Rides – Encyclopedia Britannica
Freedom Riders – PBS
1961 Freedom Riders spark Montgomery riots – BBC

American Civil War
American Civil War – Encyclopedia Britannica
The American Civil War
Civil War – America’s Library 
Pictures of the Civil War – National Archives

Emmett Till
Emmett Till Murder
The Emmett Till Murder Trial
The Murder of Emmett Till – PBS
The Murder of Emmett Till – An American Experience

Ku Klux Klan
Ku Klux Klan – National Park Service
The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow – PBS
Rise of the Ku Klux Klan – PBS 
Top 5 Questions About the KKK – PBS