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Admission Dates & Deadlines

December 15th

  • Grades open for self-reporting at:
  • This is open until April 30th

January 15th

  • Conditional admission and scholarship offers based on self-reported grades begin

February 28th

  • Deadline for early applications
  • Residence applications should be submitted

April 30th

  • Final deadline for admission application
  • Last day to self-report any grades

May (mid)

  • Official interim grades received from Ministry of Education

June 15th

  • Deadline for receipt of official interim grades
  • Deadline to submit a Personal Information Profile for Diverse Qualifications applicants

July 11th

  • Course enrollment begins

August 15th

  • Deadline for receipt of official final grades from Ministry

September 4th

  • Classes begin

Admission Averages

SFU has released the Admission Averages for 2012 admissions. ♦ NOTE: These averages are only to be used as guidelines.  The reality is that the admission averages used for admission may fall outside of these ranges (quite often the averages fall above this, as averages are all dependent upon the number of applicants for any given …

Entrance Scholarships Tips & Tricks

The application Provide clear and concise details about your extracurricular activities.  Ensure that the length, breadth and quality of your experiences are included Pick an essay topic that speaks to you and draws you in Be Original!! Stick out in the committees minds, as we receive hundreds of applications Organize thoughts and ensure that all …

General University Admission Requirements

ENGLISH LANGUAGE ADMISSION REQUIREMENT Final grade of 60% in Grade 12 English (including provincial examination) MATH ADMISSION REQUIREMENT Final grade of 60% in Principles of Math 11, Pre-Calculus 11, or Foundations of Math 11 OR…Final grade of 60% in Principles of Math 12 or Applications of Math 12 SECOND language ADMISSION REQUIREMENT This requirement may …

Program Specific Requirements

THESE REQUIREMENTS ARE IN ADDITION TO THE GENERAL ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS TO SFU   applied sciences: Computing Science, Geographic Information Science, General Studies English 12 Principles of Math 12 or Pre-Calculus 12 One Grade 12 Science Course Biology 12, Chemistry 12, Physics 12 One Additional Approved Grade 12 Course All Advanced Placement Courses Can Be Used All …