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Student Course Verifications for 2021/2022 School Year

Hello Burnaby South!

Tomorrow morning, Students Course Request Verification Forms will be handed out to Students in their Period 5 class.

This Course Request Verification Form is due BACK to Burnaby South this MONDAY, APRIL 12th by 3pm - Please return these forms to Student Services

  • Students will see a box labelled “Course Verification Forms” on a table near the entrance doors, that students can hand these forms into

Please take this weekend to look over your child’s Course Requests for September thoroughly, checking for accuracy.  The timetable will be built based on all students’ course requests currently in the computer.

Any changes to Course Requests must be made NOW, as course changes will not be approved in September.  To make a change, please cross out the incorrect course listed on the Course Request Verification form, and write in the correct course.

Remember, all students MUST provide 4 “Alternate Elective Courses” which they are interested in taking, should there be a conflict in their TImetable

  • If students did not select 4 “Alternate Elective Courses” OR any course was listed twice, students will have 1 or more “NO ALTERNATES SELECTED” Course(s) in the list of course requests.  Students MUST replace these with an “Alternate Elective Course”
    • As a reminder, a Course CANNOT be listed twice à ie; as part of a students 8 Courses, and as one of their “Alternate” Courses (this also includes having the “Regular” version of an Honours/AP Course in their “Alternates”)
      • Students “Alternate Elective Courses” MUST be DIFFERENT from their 1st Choice in Electives

Honours/AP Courses:

  • Due to our current Quarter System, our Honours/AP Courses have NOT been finalized
    • These decisions will not be made until the end of June, and students will find out on the 1st day of school in September if they met the Honours/AP course requirements
    • In September, if a student does not have the course listed on their Timetable, and they have the pre-requisite course, that would mean they have been placed on a waitlist
  • As a reminder, students cannot take a Summer School course to “advance” to an Honours/AP Course for September (ie: taking Science 10 to then take Chemistry 11 Honours)

Career Life Education 10 ONLINE

  • For any students in Grade 9, 10 or 11 that are planning on registering for Career Life Education 10 ONLINE to be completed in the Summer or September, this registration must be done by Students/Families through Burnaby Online:
  • Registration opens on April 19th

Summer School

As a reminder: there will be NO COURSE CHANGES IN SEPTEMBER…so make all of your choices very carefully….please do your research on your Post-Secondary requirements so you have all of you pre-requisites

If you have forgotten which Courses are being offered for September 2021, please see your Grade specific Course Selection Forms below:

Good Luck Everyone!!

Burnaby South Counsellors


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