ASL 9/Intro 11: LAST POST

Hi everyone. 

Here is your final word list again to remind you to practice: 

Unit 3 test is on Monday, June 12 for blocks 3/4 and Tuesday June 13 for block 7. The format is similar to past tests: vocabulary and comprehension as well as a written section.  

You have two final assignments due next week on June 16th (Friday) for block 3/4, June 15th for block 7 (Thursday). 

Your review handout is here: ASL9-In11 – MASL U3 Review Handout and the key is here: ASL9-In11 – MASL U3 Review Handout KEY

Your suggested review tasks are here: Tasks to Review Unit 3


First final assignment: 

You will choose a situation anywhere in El Deafo where proper communication would have helped the situation have a happier ending. The communication can be on any character’s part in any way. You will then draw a comic with 6-8 panels (you may use stick figures) to complete the situation so it does have a “happy” ending because of proper communication. Your criteria for marking is as follows: 

  • 6-8 panels done: /2 
  • use of colour (stick figures are okay, but colour it!): /2 
  • clearly refers to situation in the book – I understand what story you are rewriting: /2 
  • clearly shows what communication should have happened: /2 
  • clearly shows what better outcome could have occurred: /2 
  • TOTAL : /10 


Second final assignment: 

You will sign the following information in a free style form. You will not use question/answer format. You must use proper ASL grammar and hand in a proper gloss.  


Please tell me:   

  1. Your full name (first and last is enough). 
  2. Your birthdate.  
  3. Where you were born. 
  4. Where you grew up, and if you moved when you were growing up. 
  5. Where your family is from. 
  6. Your favourite colour. 
  7. Your favourite movie or book. 
  8. A name of a band or musician that you like. 
  9. Three things that you do regularly and when they happen.  
  10. Why you decided to learn ASL.  


You will either sign this live for me and the whole class or you will film it, give me the film, and I will play it for the whole class. 


If there are any questions please come see me tomorrow or email me.

ASL 10/11/12 – Update

You have a test on June 13th on unit 5 material.

A review sheet is here, I will hand this out on Wednesday: ASL10 – MASL U5 Review Handout and there are also suggestions on things to practice here: Tasks to Review Unit 5. Answer key for review will be posted soon.

I assigned a classifier assignment using El Deafo – you will pick a page and sign what happens using only classifiers and identifying signs. You will not sign any dialogue, but use only your handshapes, facial expressions, and body language to explain what happens. Most students who did this already finished this in less than five minutes. This is officially due June 7th.

Your final projects are due June 15th. Criteria is in an earlier post – both gloss and signing are due on the 15th – PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL ME ANY VIDEOS.

We will be finishing El Deafo over the next few classes. 

ASL 9/Intro 11 – Update

We’re working on these words:

You have a unit 3 test on June 12th (Day 1) or June 13th (Day 2). 

We have had a visit from interpreters and we have discussed tips on how to use one effectively.

I handed out this worksheet: MASL – U3 – Talking About the Weather   The answer key is here: MASL – U3 – Talking About the Weather KEY.

This was also provided for your practice: ASL9-In11 – MASL U3 Review Handout Tasks to Review Unit 3

An answer key will be posted soon for this review handout.

Tuesday May 23/Wednesday May 24 – Block 3/4/7

We went over these words, quiz on June 1 (block 3/4) and 2nd (block 7).

We talked about time/topic/comment:

We practiced these sentences – don’t forget to use proper ASL grammar.

  1. Who is your favourite singer/musician?
  2. Who is your favourite actor?
  3. What colour is your car?
  4. What do you do on the weekends?

We talked about using your face to explain strong and light colours as well as how to show this in gloss.

We talked about using shoulder shift to show lots of colours side-by-side as well as how to use it for three words: BUT, AND, OR. 

We talked about how to use the sign LOVE-IT and practiced it with these sentences – don’y forget your ASL grammar and things like body shift and deixis:

  1. I like going to the movies on the weekends.
  2. I love your car!
  3. They really like going to Mexican restaurants.
  4. She loved the movie but I didn’t like it.
  5. What do you like?

We learned how to show contact information: how to fingerspell phone numbers, emails, and addresses. 

Your homework is to go over what we learned in class and practice the sentences and vocabulary. 



OPTION #1: Done individually. Character descriptions – you will tell me about 2 characters. Physical description (15 facts each) and personality traits (7 things each). You will then tell me a short 5 -10 sentence story about these characters (something that happened between them). Turn in a gloss, film or perform live.

OPTION #2: Done individually. Family presentation. Tell me about at least 10 people in your family – give me one characteristic of each and tell me how they are related to you. You will then tell me a short 5-10 sentence story about a memory you have of one of these family members. 

OPTION #3: Done individually. What you want to study – give me an ideal course schedule for either high school or university. You’ll have to tell me what courses you’re taking (at least 8) and why you’d like to take them (or why you have to take them) – one comment about each one. You should tell me what you’re interested in majoring in in the future, as well as what you could do with these courses (5-10 sentences on top of your schedule and comments).

OPTION #4: Music video project; in groups of up to 3 or 4. Choose a song, write a gloss, turn gloss in, perform song or film it to be presented in class.


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