What is thermal energy? By Lucas & Daniel

What are the basic sources of thermal energy? By Kieran & Marcus

How does thermal energy work? By Marina, Concetta & Emily

What is the difference between heat and temperature? By Zoe, Ibrakhim & Joseph

How does thermal energy transfer? By Sarah & Arwen

What is conduction? By Angela and Salina

What is convection? By Andres, Mohamed A & Matthew

What is radiation? By Bowen & Mohamed F

Thermal Energy project 2

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Today we will be starting our next Thermal energy project.  Each group of students will have a question that they will study.  Please research the answer and find some examples that explains your Thermal Energy Concept.  You need to have at least 5 sentences about your topic.

Here are some of our Thermal Energy questions:

  1. What is Thermal Energy?  (Lucas, Daniel)
  2. What are basic sources of Thermal Energy?  (Marcus, Kieran)
  3. How does Thermal Energy work?  (Emily, Concetta, Marina)
  4. What is the difference between heat and temperature?  (Zoe, Ibrakhim, Joseph)
  5. How does Thermal Energy Transfer?  (Arwen, Sarah)  
  6. What is Conduction? (Salina, Angela)   (Nathalie, Arianna, Zoe)
  7. What is Convection?  (Mohamed A, Matthew, Andres)
  8. What is Radiation?  (Bowen, Mohamed F)

Extra questions for people who would like to make some Fun Fact videos.

  • What is an insulator?
  • What is friction?
  • How do you measure temperature?
  • Feel free to share about other interesting facts about Thermal Energy

Below are some websites to help you start your research:





Below is our rubric for our Thermal Energy Project:


Tomatosphere results

Dear class,

We submitted our tomatosphere data results.  

We planted 25 plants in group G and group H.  22 plants grew for each group.  Tomatosphere has sent us our results.  Group G were seeds were regular seeds from Earth and Group H seeds spent 6 weeks at the international space station!  It was interesting that the same amount grew.  Usually the ones that spend time in outer space produce less plants, however this year the growth was very similar.  Thank you to all the students in our class for participating in the Tomatosphere project.

Our certificate looks like this!  Doesn’t it look great!


Ms. Sim