Written By: setov - Jun• 19•17

A few things we’ve been working on…

Math: Patterns, Measurement, and Data Analysis

Verbs (Etre, Avoir)

Reader’s Theatre

Artist Trading Cards (thank you Ninna!)

Swimming 🙂

And from Mme Adam:

Students have worked independently this term in our customized Recorder Karate program.  They develop new skills to earn each belt and work at their own pace to progress. We continue to apply our knowledge of music notation symbols and their meanings to our recorder and choral art explorations.  As well, students have been working on performing Canadian folk songs along with contemporary choral compositions by Canadian Composers.


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Written By: setov - May• 15•17

3’s are working on telling time and measurement.

4’s are learning about geometry and measurement.

Science: we learned about how the sun and the moon affect living things and how weathering and erosion change the land.

Social Studies: more artifacts and fur trade discussions and observations thanks to Tony Hardie and his mobile museum.

Note: swim permission forms are due Wednesday


Written By: setov - Apr• 28•17

I am not sure if it is the weather or the end of the year fast approaching but I would really appreciate it if you could have a conversation with your child about expectations at school.  

Please remind them of:

  • speaking French
  • agendas
  • work time versus play time
  • being respectful of teachers on call
  • doing their best versus rushing 

Thank you,

Mme Seto

Social studies

Written By: setov - Apr• 26•17

We had a great day at the Fort Langley National Historic Site and the Langley Centennial Museum.  Students learned about the fur trade and much more.  The learning objectives were:

  • Identify effects of early contact between Aboriginal societies and European explorers and settlers
  • Compare bartering and monetary systems of exchange
  • Describe the significance of the Fraser River gold rush in the development of BC & Canada 

but students experienced and learned much more.  The fort has free admission for 2017 so visit with your family!

At the Langley Centennial Museum, students observed artifacts and learned about natural resources.   They tried to figure out the use and material used for each artifact.  

In May, we will also have a visit from Tony Hardie and the BC Artifacts Mobile Museum.  


Written By: setov - Apr• 12•17

We have started learning about fractions in class.


No due date for the Savais-tu? final product.  I want to give them as much time as they need to work on them as they are amazing!!!

Thank you 🙂


Welcome back!

Written By: setov - Mar• 30•17

To you..and the sun!

Students will be working on creating a Savais-tu? inspired book to show their findings about a living thing of their choice.  They have been asked to include the following:

They are very excited and I can’t wait to learn from them!



Written By: setov - Mar• 09•17

Dear parents,
Did you know that our music teacher has a blog? You can find information about what students are working on in music class there. As well, they have been using an iPAD app in class to learn recorder and play along with fun accompaniments. Some students could really benefit from having this app on their home devices so they can practice and reinforce the concepts taught in class. You can find out more about this at Mrs.Adam’s website: blogs.sd41.bc.ca/adama/adventures-in-recorder/

What happened this term?

Written By: setov - Mar• 04•17

This term flew by with all the excitement!

What did we do? (on top of skating, French Film Festival, FSAs, YPC, and a few days in the library!)

Language Arts -Book Reports, Legends, Journal

Math-Multiplication and Division

Science-Matter (Science Experiments)

Social Studies-Oral Stories with Ms. Brandi Price

PE-Basketball and Gymnastics

English-Reading Comprehension and Short Story Writing


**Please note that Report Cards will go home on Wednesday (and it is our last time skating Wednesday)



music this term (from Mme Adam)

Written By: setov - Mar• 04•17

Students continue to decipher the symbols used in music to represent pitch and rhythm while developing warm tone, and working on articulation technique on their recorders.  In choir we continue to develop healthy vocal technique and independent part-singing while exploring the storytelling and expressive elements found in music.