BDCC: Spring YouTube links

Hi everyone, here are a few links for practicing some of our pieces at home. These aren’t always exactly the way we practice them at Forest Grove, but it will help to “get the melody in your ears.”
Please try to spend a little time on each one…happy singing!

Peaceful River:

Echoes of Kindness:

Haba na Haba

O Music

Forest Grove Intermediate Choir Links

BDCC – YouTube Links

Here are YouTube links for  some of the pieces we are working on for our Christmas Concert. It’s very helpful as we get into the pieces that children spend at least a little bit of time each week singing through the songs at home.

A New Year Carol

Let There Be Peace by Andy Beck:

Oh, Come, Little Children (good quality sound but the lyrics are not the same as the version we are using)

The Rocking Carol (slower and different lyrics, but the same melody as our version, good quality model)

In This House Tonight:

Gonna Catch That Santa:

Showbiz Snowman:


Burnaby District Children’s Choir

This year the Burnaby District Children’s Choir is being hosted on Tuesdays from 4:00-5:00 at Forest Grove School. The choir has completed the audition process and the choir is now full.

Choir members and their families are invited to check this blog site regularly for updates, information, printable forms and YouTube links for home practice for some of our pieces.