School Supply List 2017 /2018

Division 3’s School Supply List for 2017 / 2018


1 X 12 pack pencils  
4 X erasers (pink or white)  
1 X pencil sharpener (with container)  
1 X yellow highlighter  
2 X blue pens  
1 X red pen  
1 X liquid paper (Whiteout)  
1 X pencil case / box to hold supplies  
1 X ruler 30 cm (cm / mm)  
1 X package pencil crayons  
1 X package Medium-tip Felt Pens (Washable)  
1 pair of scissors  
2 X glue sticks  
2 X black fine-tip permanent marker (Sharpie)  
2 X white board markers (Expo Markers) any colour  
6 X Duo-tangs (red, yellow, green, dark blue, light blue, orange)  
1 X package lined paper  
1 box of Tissues / Kleenexes *To be shared communally*
1 X Calculator *Optional*


*Please remember to label ALL school supplies with your child’s name.

*Please ensure your child has a pair of running shoes at school each day for Physical Education.