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Recorder Quiz

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There will be a recorder written quiz on Wednesday, Feb 15.  

Students will be tested on recognizing all note names we have covered in class so far (B, A, G, E) as well as all note rhythm values (whole, half, quarter, eighth).


By now I hope that families have started to hear the beginning sounds of the recorder (it gets better, I promise).  Students need to have their recorder and their music duo-tang at every music class on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Students should also be practising their recorders for at least 30 minutes per week.  This can easily be broken up into 3 – ten minute practice sessions.  As many of you know, practice is an essential part of improvement of a beginning musician.  

Disco Club Music

For any groups that want to use the music to practice at home.  Here is the music!  There should be two of each song, one is the original, the second is the karaoke version you will be performing with.

Car Wash Karaoke


Car Wash Original


Dancing Queen Karaoke


Dancing Queen Original


I Will Survive Karaoke


I Will Survive Original


Stayin Alive Karaoke (there is some strange music before the song starts)


Stayin Alive Original


We Are Family Karaoke


We Are Family Original


YMCA Karaoke


YMCA Original


A big thanks to all the parents who were able to Join in January in our music class.  It was great to have you!  Some parents have asked if there is another time to come in and observe, so I will look into another date sometime in the future!

Join Us in January – UPDATED TIMES

Dear Parents of Divisions 16 & 15 & 14,

The Burnaby Music Educators Association (BMEA) proudly advocates for programs for your child, and meets to grow professionally many times a year. As a celebration of Music in our schools, many Burnaby Music teachers are inviting parents into our classrooms to celebrate Music being part of children’s public education in our city, in an event called “Join Us In January”.

I would like to invite you to attend a Music class during this celebration time.  It will be a typical Music class, with the purpose for you to have a greater sense of the day to day teaching and learning in the Music program.

You are invited to visit our music class on:

Division 14:        10:50-11:20 Monday, January 30th

Division 15: 10:50-11:30, Wednesday, February 1st 

Division 16: 1:40-2:20, Wednesday, February 1st 

If you are interested in advocacy for your child, more information is available through the Coalition For Music Education in BC http://cmebc.org/, Coalition for Music Education in Canada http://www.musicmakesus.ca/


I hope to see you soon! 


Ryan Phelps

Disco Club Assessment Division 4

Division 4 has been hard at work beginning their disco club songs.

Today the students have helped create the assessment rubric.  This is the format that each group will be assessed on at the end of the project.  Div. 4 Marking Rubric

I’m Back!

Hello Everyone,

As some of you noticed, my blog has been seriously lacking as of late.  Once we got started on getting ready for the Christmas Concert, I became engrossed in that for most of November and December.

My hope is to be continuing to update the blog on a more regular basis.

As the new year begins, here is what classes will be working on in the coming weeks.

Divisions 3, 4, 5, 6

“Disco Club”.  Students have listened to some classic disco songs, learned about fashion and the style of music of the disco era.  Students are now working in groups to re-write lyrics to disco songs.  They will create performances around their songs, and will culminate in us turning our activity room into a disco club as students perform their creations.

Division 7

Students will begin playing the recorder as soon as the shipment of instruments arrives at the school.. This instrument is a great starting point for students to begin working on their musicailty, reading music notation, practice, and performance.

Grade 2/3 students

Students will be working on songs for the upcoming event, Primary Days of Music.  This is an annual event where grade 2 and 3 students from all over the district gather together to share music with one another.

Grade 1 and Kindergarten Students

These students will continue to develop strong foundations in music fundamentals through active participation in singing and movement, as well as through purposeful play.

Remembrance Day – Div 3/4 Song

Division 3 and 4 will be singing at the Remembrance Day Assembly on November 10th.  The words to their song are:

Be With Me

By: Jim Papoulis


Be with me in morning sun,

Let me see what you’ve become.

Be with me when day is done

Before it goes away


Be my voice when I would call

Be my strength then I would fall

Light my way throughout this world

Before I go away


Ev’ry time I hear you laugh

Ev’ry time you cry.

How I long to make it last

As life goes by


Be with me in morning sun

Be with me when evening comes

Be with me my precious one

Before you go away


Before I go away

Chime Homework

Students should complete the find their note page in their duo-tangs.  Each student has been given a specific note.  On the last page of the workbook, students should circle each time one of their notes appears.

Division 6 Homework for October 14

Students will have a quiz on clapping and saying rhythm syllables for “Ringing Rhythm” lines A, B, & C.