November 2017

I hope everyone is ready for a Halloween night of fun festivities. This month, our class has two skating trips scheduled:  Friday, November 3rd and Friday, November 17th at Kensington Arena in the afternoon.  If you have volunteered to drive for either of these skating trips, please make sure you have completed the Volunteer Driver form and given this form to the classroom teacher or Office.  Also drivers, please arrive in the classroom by 12:50pm.  We will try to be on our way by 1:00pm and return to the classroom by 3:00pm.  Feel free to join us on the ice as well as help the children put on and tie up skates.  Students will be put into similar ability groupings for a skating lesson and practice times for each session. 

If you have not yet “Subscribed” to our class blog, you may want to do sign up and you will receive an email notification when a new post has been made on the blog. Thank you for volunteering your time.  

Halloween Festivities

On Tuesday, October 31 all students are invited to come to school in costume.  There will be a Halloween Parade in the gym at approximately 9:15am.  Some students might choose to just wear something orange and/or black.  Our class will be doing fun Halloween activities throughout the day and enjoying party treats in the afternoon.  A list was previously sent home asking some families to bring Halloween goodies for the class celebration in the afternoon.  Please remember to ensure your treat is nut free.   Once Halloween trick or treating is over, please send one or two sweet treats only for your child to enjoy at school.  Remind your child that a treat should not be a morning snack, but to be enjoyed after a healthy lunch has been finished.  

Rainy Days

Fall has definitely arrived with full force.  The weather can change from wind to rain to sun and back to rain again all on the same day!  Children are being encouraged to go outside as much as possible for some fresh air and to release some sillies.  It is important for students and families to understand that this is our  “West Coast weather.”  Please help remind your child to dress for the weather – umbrellas, boots and a warm coat.  

Establishing Routines

This month we have been familarizing ourselves with the routines of the week.  We are practicing working together while keeping in mind ‘The Big 3’ – safe, kind, fair and positive, supportive behaviour choices.  Our class has now been introduced to spelling routines, computer lab and library book exchanges.  Your child will be able to take out up to 3 books from the library.  However, this year our library time will not be booked on a weekly basis. Children are being encouraged to read for 15-20 each night.  When a book is completed, students should then request to return or exchange library books as needed during the daily “Open Book Times” schedules (Tues, Wed, Thurs 9-9:30am). 

** Please be aware that we have a nut allergy student in our class this year.  If your child is sent to school with any food products that contain nuts (including Nutella), he/she will be asked to eat in the hall for that meal.


Welcome Grades 2 & 3

 Our classes have now been set for the year.  Thank you for your patience with this process.  I am looking forward to meeting many parents and guests at our school picnic on Friday, September 15th.  We will be leaving Gilmore School approximately 11:30am and walking to Confed Park with Mrs. Stolb’s class.  Your child is being requested to bring the following: walking shoes, lunch, water bottle, a book to read, sun screen, hat, towel and water-park clothing (and dry clothing for the walk back to school). Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for the weather and is wearing good shoes for walking from the school to Confederation Park and back.

It is our expectation for all Gilmore students to participate in the Community Family Picnic so please be sure to return your child’s WALKING FIELD TRIP FORM to the school. If you do not have a form, there are extra forms available at the office.