Welcome Back!!

Welcome Back!!! Stay tuned for exciting info about our new class for the 2017-2018 year. 

Last years Div 11 students will report to their same classroom (A6) for drop off and pick up until they get placed in their new classroom (hopefully by Tuesday September 12).

This years new Kindergarten students should follow the schedule they were provide at the Welcome to K event in June.  On Monday September 11th all K students will report to the small gym to find out where their classroom will be for the week of Sept 11-15 and hopefully the remainder of the year! 

Potato Harvest


We harvested our SPUDs in Tubs and had such a fun time exploring how potatoes grow and what other creatures and things we could find in the soil. 

We grew 15  Warba potato plants in 3 tubs and at first we didn’t know what the harvest would be like.  Our weather has been so strange the past few months going from cold, to rainy, back to cold, then to super hot and all over again.   Ideally we would have liked to harvest in another week or so but with year end festivities we were running out of time, and the weather cleared up on Wednesday just long enough for us to do the harvest. 

Some of the great things we found during our harvest were: potatoes and lots of them, all different sizes and the seed potatoes that started the whole process.  Bugs – spiders, bugs with lots of legs, bugs with wings and some we didn’t know what they were.  The class were great at picking out all the potatoes no matter how big or small and dusting them off before we packed four ice cream pails full to the brim.    The students then sorted through the dirt to remove any leftover roots, stems and leaves before we put the soil into the new planter that had been built in the front of the school.  Once back in the class we sorted our bounty by size.  Our total was 123 medium/large potatoes and 129 mini potatoes that would have grown into edible ones had we let them grow a bit longer. 

The best part of all was eating the steamed potatoes on Thursday with sour cream, cheese and ketchup as toppings.  Even some of us who aren’t fans enjoyed the delicious food that we grew. 



Fire Station Field Trip

On Tuesday May 23rd Div. 11 had the chance to visit the fire station as part of our study of the local community. The fire station sure is busy! We got there and had to wait for the fire fighters to come back from their call. Once they got there, they were called out again within five minutes! We were fortunate that another crew came back so we were able to have our tour.

The students enjoyed spraying the fire hose at a traffic cone. Many of them managed to knock it down! Ms. Leppanen and a few of the students got to try on some fire fighter gear, which was quite heavy! We got to sit inside the fire truck and some of us were brave enough to slide down the fire pole. We learned about how fire fighters help keep our community safe, and some things we can do to stay safe in case of an emergency.

We are very grateful for the fire fighters at Fire Station #5 for taking the time to show us around their work place. Thank you to the two parent volunteers who came with us – we hope you had fun too! Fire safety colouring books arrived yesterday as a gift from the Fire Station – look for them in your student’s backpack on Monday!

Ms. Leppanen

Science World

What a fun day was had by all!  We had such a great time exploring the different exhibits at Science World.  For some of the class it was only their first or second time riding the Sky Train and to see the looks of wonder on their faces as we travelled around the city was amazing.  The new feature exhibit at Science World is their Made In Canada exhibit and on top of seeing some great innovations that were made in Canada the interactive features were so fun!  lots of kids had a great time designing structures out of Lego, dowels and elastics and some even had a chance to build a bobsled.  As it almost always is the Dinosaurs were a great attraction as was the Our World and Ken Spencer Park exhibits.  Both our class and Div 13 did an amazing job representing our school and I know many of the kids can’t wait until the next time they get to visit.

The Potatoes Are Growing!!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Spring Break and that the first week back was just as fun.  One of my favourite things to see when we come back from Spring Break is the progress that our potatoes make while we are gone.  Just before we left for Spring Break we planted our Warba seed potatoes even though their sprouts weren’t quite big enough.  I must admit that I had my reservations of what the plants would look like when we came back, but much to my surprise they are appear to be doing just fine.  In fact this year the plants seem to be a much deeper green colour and although they are growing fast they appear stronger than some of the crops my previous classes have grown. 

SPUDS in tubs

Pink Shirt Day

Pink Shirt Day is this Wednesday February 22nd.  As a class we have been discussing Kindness as a key virtue in our HAWKS acronym and as a school we have been celebrating the entire month of February as Kindness month.   The other day we had a group discussion about what kindness meant to us, how to recognize bullying behavior and what to do if we were being bullied or witnessed someone being a bully.  After our discussion we came up with four statements which were written on pink shirts and the students help decorate the one they felt spoke most loudly to them.

The Little Mermaid and Family Day

What a great Show! The class along with a few other divisions walked/took the skytrain to go and see Align Entertainment’s presentation of The Little Mermaid at Michael J Fox Theatre. The performance was captivating and many of us were surprised to see that there was an orchestra playing the musical score instead of a soundtrack. There were lots of similarities between the live performance and the movie version that we watched last week and we will be talking more about those similarities and differences next week when we return to school after Family Day. I hope that everyone has a wonderful long weekend and that you will be able to get out to enjoy the beautiful weather with your family and loved ones.

:0) Ms. Pasqualetto

Literacy Day

On Tuesday, January 31st our class took part in a school-wide celebration of literacy. All the students in Div. 11 dressed up as book characters or wore clothes with words on them. It was fun to see who all our friends dressed up as! We started out the day with a special assembly where we saw examples of all sorts of literacy. After recess, students visited different classrooms to learn about the values attached to being Kitchener HAWKS – Helpful, Accepting, Working hard, Kind and Safe. We had a guest teacher, Ms. Reid, in to read a story to us after lunch, and enjoyed a visit from our buddy class. Our buddies read with us during the school-wide readathon. It was a day full of reading fun, and a great reminder of the importance of literacy! In the spirit of literacy day, Ms. Pasqualetto and I encourage you to continue reading to or with your student daily, and to attend our Monday and Friday family reading sessions when possible. Every day is literacy day in Div. 11!

Ms. Leppanen

Happy Lunar New Year!!

Happy Lunar New Year! and thanks for stopping by the blog.  We have been busy in class learning about the Lunar New Year, making Lunar New Year crafts and preparing for Literacy Day next Tuesday. 

We had a special treat today when one of our classmates brought in their traditional Korean New Years outfit for all of us to see.  It was quite stunning with beautiful embroidery.  The student also taught our class how to bow and to wish each other a Happy New Year in Korean.  Everyone enjoyed our mini language lesson and we all had an opportunity to experience what it is like to learn phrases in a language that is new to us. 

Literacy Day is coming up next Tuesday (Jan 31st) and we were given the task of designing our door to look like a book cover.  The students voted on which cover they wanted to create and the decision was to do “The Rainbow Fish” by Marcus Pfister.  We listened to a narrated version of the story produced by the Screen Actors Guild and then as a group we painting the background of the poster and then individually designed sparkly scales for the Rainbow Fish.  The door art looks amazing and I hope that you will have a chance to see it the next time you stop by the class. 

– Ms. Pasqualetto 🙂


Sam and the Lucky Money

Our class has been discussing what it means to be Kitchener HAWKS (Helpful, Accepting, Working Hard, Kind, and Safe students).  With Chinese New Year coming up this weekend I read the class a story called Sam and the Lucky Money by Karen Chinn.  We had a great discussion about what it means to show kindness to others and how we show appreciation for the gifts we are given. 

If you are interested in reading this book with your child I borrowed it from the Burnaby Public Library or it can be purchased from Indigo Books as well.