Vikings Read 2013 Winner

The winner of Vikings Read 2013 is…

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Thank you to all the readers, voters, and party goers who have participated in Vikings Read 2013!


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Today @ Lunch: the Winner is…

Join us in the library today at lunch when we announce the winner of Vikings Read 2013! There will be door prizes and cake!tv_poster

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Vikings Read Voting!


Have you read two or more of this year’s Viking Reads titles?

Which book do you feel every Viking should read?

Is it the story of…magical love? strict parenting? growing up with a disability? being blessed/cursed with a Grace? living with a chimpanzee as part of the family? murder in a local high school? local refugees surviving unspeakable horrors? finding love in a cancer survivor support group? cyber-bullying? or life lessons from a monster?

Your vote counts so make sure you do. Voting runs from now until May 22.

Click here to vote –> Vikings Read Voting 2013 

Vote now! First 100 participants to vote will win a prize.  And don’t forget to come down to the Library at lunch on May 23 for cake, door prizes and the announcement of this year’s winner!



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Vikings Talk – Free as a Bird

Eight-year-old Ruby Jean Sharp, born with Down syndrome, is placed in New Westminster’s Woodlands School after the death of her care-giving grandmother. She learns to survive every kind of abuse before being placed in a program designed to help her live outside the institution.

Come join us Wednesday, May 1st @ lunch in the magazine section of the Library as we discuss this Vikings Read selection.

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Vikings Talk w/ Author – Last Dance

Winston Patrick was a lawyer who abandoned a successful law career to become a teacher at a Vancouver eastside secondary. He’s already known for having solved one of the school’s murders, now he gets in the admin’s bad books for representing a student in a human rights case – against the school. Soon things get deadly and Winston Patrick is, once again, caught in the middle and forced to figure things out before he himself gets killed.

Come join us at lunch on Wednesday April 17 when we discuss Last Dance by David Russell WITH David Russell! 

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Vikings Talk – The Fault in Our Stars

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The time has come Viking Readers. Vikings Talk is finally discussing John Green’s A Fault in Our Stars on Wednesday, April 3 @ lunch in the library. Want to know what all the hype’s about? Check out this recent review from our catalogue:

“I cannot rave enough about this book, as it is one of the few that I have read (ever) that seems to be perfectly written. I don’t think there is a soul in the world that can say it was terrible and believe it. John Green’s writing is sarcastically comedic and immensely moving at the same time. The Fault In Our Stars deals with pretty weighty issues, such as life and death, but does so in a way that you won’t feel completely depressed about it afterward. The protagonist’s emotional journey throughout the novel is a profound, enlightening one, and makes her seem much older than she is. This aspect of the story makes it a perfect read for adults and young adults alike. It is a guarantee that while you are reading, you will either be laughing out loud or actually thinking about the words written on the page. Truly a classic just waiting to happen, John Green has delivered his best book yet.”

Let us know what you think. Do you agree with this reviewer? What did you think of A Fault in Our Stars?

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Vikings Talk – Night Circus

A circus known as Le Cirque des Rêves features two illusionists, Celia and Marco, who are unknowingly competing in a game to which they have been irrevocably bound by their mercurial masters, and as the two fall deeply and passionately in love with each other, their masters intervene with dangerous consequences.

Bring your lunch and join us Wednesday at lunch in the Library when Vikings Talk The Night Circus!

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Vikings Talk – A Monster Calls

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Thirteen-year-old Conor awakens one night to find a monster outside his bedroom window, but not the one from the recurring nightmare that began when his mother became ill–an ancient, wild creature that wants him to face truth and loss. Bring your lunch and join us in the library for our next Vikings Talk at lunch on Wednesday when we discuss A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness. 

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