“Bling My Bookcart” Contest Oct. 19-27

School-wide design challenge

Hey VIkings: Do you want to try your hand at designing and decorating for a usable object? Do you have creative decorating ideas? Join the Bling My Bookcart contest in the library.

Who can participate?

Everyone. We have space for up to six teams of people.  Staff & Students welcome.

What is it?

It’s your chance to let your imaginations run wild and decorate one of the library’s rolling book carts. You can use any materials you want and come up with whatever design theme strikes your fancy. Use the variety of supplies that you can find in the Library Makerspace, or bring your own. It’s like putting a Halloween costume on a book cart. The finished carts will be displayed in the big display case outside of the library and the school can vote for their favourite. Yes, there will be prizes. You can see some samples from other competitions by Google image searching ‘decorated library book carts’.

See some examples of decorated bookcarts:


The sign-up and information meeting will take place in the Library at lunch on Thursday, October 19th and the building/decorating will happen from October 24th-27th.


The library, of course. And the finished carts will be displayed in the large display case outside of the library.


Because it’s fun and we want to see your awesome designs. And also: prizes.

Who chooses the winner?

We all do!  Blinged carts will be displayed in the big display case in the foyer.  Voting will start Oct. 30 and close Nov. 3.

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