Vikings Talk: Feb. 17th Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong


Join us in the library at lunch on Wednesday, February 17th to discuss Prudence Shen and Faith Erin Hicks’ graphic novel Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong. It’s the school robotics club vs. the cheerleaders in an all-out election battle where club funding is at stake. Who deserves funding: robotics club for a national competition trip, or the cheerleaders for new uniforms? Throw a chainsaw-wielding robot into the mix? Sure! Because nothing can possibly go wrong, right?

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Like random facts? This web site’s for you.


8078_top1So, I’m a total trivia junkie, and this is the web site of my favourite magazine, Mental Floss. The magazine (which the library is going to start subscribing to) always has articles on tons of random, interesting stuff. Need to know about gravitational waves? They’ve got that. Curious about what that tiny, useless-seeming pocket on your jeans is for? Got that, too. The meanings behind the names of various elements? Got it covered. The web site also has great videos and quizzes and general information geekery.

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Library closed Thursday

The library will be closed all day on Thursday, February 4th, due to Grade 12 exit interviews.

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