Randall Munroe TED Talk

comics-what-if-randall-munroe-01 A popular non-fiction book this year has been What If: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions, by Randall Munroe. He did a TED Talk last year on comics that ask “what if…”. It’s interesting to watch him talk about the process of coming to a serious scientific answer when people pose these absurd questions. Check it out.

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Vikings Talk: The Martian


Please join us in the library at lunch on Wednesday, November 18th, for our first Vikings Talk book discussion of the year. We’ll be discussing The Martian. Come tell us what you think of the book, the movie, space travel, potatoes, or scientific accuracy in fiction. We’ll talk about whatever comes to mind. Bring your lunch to eat during the book talk.

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Pictures from the Vikings Read 2016 launch

The launch for this year’s Vikings Read was a success, with our Vikings Talk library club members working hard to sell people on the books that they were promoting.

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