Top Ten Reasons to Log into Destiny

Do you log in to Destiny when accessing the library catalogue? If not, you should! By logging into the right-hand corner of the screen, you open up many functions that are not otherwise accessible. Here’s a list of some of the things you can do by logging in:

1. Put books on hold.

2. Check out your borrowing history under “My Info”.

3. Create resource lists.

4. Build a bibliography/ works cited by using your resource lists.

5. Check out our most popular titles, resource lists, and new titles via Destiny Quest.

6. Do all your research at once using Universal Search.

7. Access the library’s e-books easily using Universal Search.

8. Post reviews of books you’ve read.

9. Create wish lists requesting titles to purchase.

10. Make recommendations to friends at this school.

What else have you discovered by logging in?

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Vikings Talk: Rabbit Ears

Kaya, is carrying around a painful secret that makes her feel more out of place since she has entered high school. Her adopted sister, Beth, is also suffering and now that her father (Kaya’s stepfather) has passed, both girls look for an escape: Beth through magic tricks and Kaya through drugs. Can Beth help Kaya? Why does Kaya feel like she needs to run from those who love her?

Join us at lunch in the library on March 23rd when we discuss Maggie de Vries’ Rabbit Ears.

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Book Review: Flowers for Algernon

The following article has been written by T.C., a member of North’s Bibliophile blog. Thanks for the review, T.C.!

Flowers for Algernon is a captivating story of the life of Charlie Gordon, a boy born with an extraordinarily low IQ. Charlie is aware he is mentally challenged and openly accepts it; however, he is persistent to find ways to increase his intelligence level.  Soon his efforts pay off, as he is chosen by doctors to be the first to participate in a newly developed breakthrough that could potentially increase a person’s intelligence.  The shortcoming is that the experiment has never been tested on humans; only on a mouse named, Algernon.   Test results on Algernon prove very positive and encouraging.  Pushing his own doubts aside, Charlie accepts the doctor’s offer to be the first human to undergo the experiment, as he is determined that he could have the potential to finally converse with “smart” people and fit in normally in society.

Results of the experiment turn out better than expected; Charlie’s intelligence level even surpasses those of the doctors who originally treated him.  Charlie begins to understand himself and those around him better, as his intelligence continues to develop extraordinarily.    Meanwhile, Algernon’s condition after the operation reveals that he is slowly deteriorating, and then eventually dies.  Faced with this alarming news, Charlie begins to worry and wonder if he will face his own mortality.

Join Charlie Gordon, on his journey to overcome his adversities as he is given the opportunity to partake in a medical breakthrough, learn about his past, and experience life as he would never have known before.  Flowers by Algernon, by Daniel Keyes, winner of the Hugo Award and the Nebula Award, is a poignant novel that is a must read.

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