Last Full Day of School- June 28, 2017

We will be spending the day at Robert Burnaby Park.  

Students may bring water blasters/pails.

Please bring a bathing suit and change of clothes if you plan to get wet! (Also a hat and sunscreen)

Don’t forget a bagged lunch and snacks!

ADST self-reflection link


See How Creative We Can Be!

  • Shivy's self-portrait.

Fort Langley Field Trip

  • Readers Theatre

Science Experiments

We have been learning about matter in Science.  In this experiment, we added baking soda to vinegar and created a gas.  We know a gas was created, because it filled up the balloon!  Try this at home!

Multiplication Practice!

Try this…


We watched this Bill Nye video on biodiversity.  What do you know about ecosystems around you?

Subtraction With Regrouping

We are currently learning to subtract with regrouping.  Please take a look at this video if you are having some trouble with this!

Try making up a question and solving it!

Try this game…


Today’s Assignment

Please visit the website…

Play the Turtle Island Game and answer these questions on Google Forms!

Story Workshop With Lego!

This term Div. 6 continues to learn about story elements.  Students are using Lego Education Story Kits to develop and plan their stories.  Once first drafts have been written, we will be focussing on adding details, using imagery and interesting vocabulary.