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History 12
A study of world history in the 20th century and the examination of the developments that have profoundly affected our civilization and way of life. Topics include the Treaty of Versailles; World War II; the Cold War; Imperialism; Nationalism; Militarism; Internationalism; the arms race; and the fall of Communism. This course has a provincial exam.

Comparative Civilizations 12
This course offers a curriculum which places an emphasis on developing students’ understanding of and sensitivity to a variety of civilizations. Students who participate in this course will have the opportunity to acquire a knowledge of the world’s cultural history and an appreciation of how differing civilizations have contributed to the sum total of human experience.

BC First Nations 12
This course focuses on the diversity, depth and integrity of the cultures of BC’s Aboriginal peoples. BC First Nations Studies documents the history and cultures of First Nations and Metis people in BC from before the arrival of Europeans to the present. This course can be taken for Social Studies 11 credit, pr as a grade 12 elective. There is a provincial exam.