Provincial Exams

You will need to write 5 Provincial Exams in your High School Education

  1. Language Arts 10
  2. Science 10
  3. Math 10
  4. Social Studies 11 or BC First Nations 12
  5. Language Arts 12 (English or Communications 12)

Each exam is worth 20% of the final mark, except for the Language Arts 12 exam, which is worth 40%.

Grade 12 Provincial Exams

The English / Communications 12 provincial exam is mandatory

Other Grade 12 provincial exams are optional

To compete for Ministry of Education scholarships you must write English 12 plus at least 2 other Grade 12 provincial exams

Writing a Grade 12 provincial exam means that 60% of your final grade comes from your class mark and 40% comes from the exam

If you do not write an exam your final grade is based on your class work only (100%)