What is Connexions?

  • Connexions is a program that pairs a student who may be struggling with school with a teacher who they have a connection with
  • Typically, Connexions students are identified by counsellors, however a student can request (to their counsellor) to be a part of the program if they feel it would be beneficial

What are the benefits to being involved in Connexions?

  • Connexions teachers make a special effort to check in with students; students who have been previously involved in Connexions say that it helps to know that an adult in the school really cares for them
  • Your Connexions teacher may offer you a space to do homework if you need it, or can act as a liaison between you and another teacher if you feel uncomfortable resolving the situation on your own

For more information on Connexions, please contact Mr. Exume, Ms. Kazulin, or Ms. MacLean