What is collab time?

  • Collab is a time set aside during the school day for teachers to collaborate with each other on ways to improve student learning
  • Collab is held on Wednesdays from 8:40 am to 9:40 am
  • There are a total of 14 Collab days each school year – 7 in Oct/Nov and 7 in Jan/Feb/Mar
  • Grade 8-10 students are in their homerooms working on homework during Collab time, while Grade 11 students are in the Multipurpose Room and Grade 12 students are in the Library or Room 324

What is the role of collab monitors?

  • Collab monitors are present in Grade 8-10 homerooms to be a positive role model for behaviour during Collab time
  • Collab monitors take attendance for the homeroom – they must pick up the attendance folder from the office and return it after collab time ends on that same day
  • Collab monitors are NOT supervisors and do NOT have to discipline students – teacher supervisors are available in the hallways to help deal with any disciplinary issues that may arise during Collab

Who should apply to be a Collab Monitor?

  • Students currently in Grade 9-11 may apply for the following school year 
  • You must have excellent attendance
  • You must always be on time for school
  • You must enjoy giving back to your Moscrop community

What’s in it for me?

  • To receive these service hours, you must commit to and actually be present for every collab session (all 14!), unless you are too ill to attend school (in which case, your parent/guardian must call in your absence and/or provide a note excusing your absence)
  • Collab Monitors perform a vital service to the Moscrop community – without you, Collab Time and all of the amazing work teachers are able to do together during that time would not be possible

How can I apply to be a collab monitor?