For Grads of 2017, in order to graduate, students must complete the five Graduation Transition Requirements. All must be completed by June of the student’s grade 12 year.  Click below for detailed information.

Graduation Transitions Information sheet (Grads 2017) 

Graduation Transitions Information sheet (Grads 2018) 

Graduation Transitions Information sheet (Grads 2019 and beyond) 

Vice-Principal overseeing the Graduation Transitions Implementation Mr. Mark Allen
Graduation Transition Advisor Ms. Laura Dato

Planning 10

Planning 10 is a 4-credit course, mandatory that focuses on preparing you for your future and the decisions that you will be making that affect that future. There are four key areas that are addressed in this course:

Graduation Program

You will learn about the requirements of the Graduation Program and begin to plan for successful completion of high school. As a part of this, you will also be introduced to the five Graduation Transitions requirements:

  1. Daily Physical Activity
  2. Healthy Living Plan
  3. Work Experience
  4. Student Led Interviews

Education and Careers

Planning 10 encourages you to explore a wide variety of career and education options, to think about your prospects for success in those careers, and to create a plan to pursue post-secondary education goals and career paths. You will also get general WorkSafe training that, upon successful completion of the test, will culminate in a certification.


As you reach adulthood, you assume greater independence from adult decision-makers who have guided you throughout your early years. In this section, you will learn the decision-making skills that are required so that you can take an increasing role in developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle for yourself.


Understanding the foundations of basic personal financial management will give you the necessary tools to begin planning for financial independence after graduation.


2018/2019 Planning 10 will be replaced with Career Life Education 10. More information can be found here