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Boucar Diouf (Québec) 


Thursday, February 20th – 7 p.m.

Jules-Verne School Auditorium  



Boucar Diouf hails from Senegal, and has lived in Quebec since 1991. Before immigrating to Canada, Boucar had done a Masters degree and Advanced Study diploma in the Faculty of Science and Technology at the University of Dakar. He received a scholarship to pursue a doctorate in oceanography at the Université du Québec à Rimouski (UQAR), and got his Ph. D. in 1998. For eight years, Boucar was a lecturer in biology at the UQAR. His students, who recognised his comedic talent, encouraged him to sign up for Juste pour rire. He was selected as discovery of the year in 2005 at the Festival Grand Rire de Québec, and he was awarded the Jacques Couture prize in 2006, presented by the Quebec Minister of Immigration and Cultural Communities in recognition of his contribution toward promoting intercultural relations. In 2004, Boucar Diouf played a major role (the character Momar) in the film Le bonheur c’est une chanson triste by François Delisle. In 2005, to his list of accomplishments as an actor, comedian and storyteller, he added the role of science chronicler for the program Des kiwis et des hommes, on Radio-Canada television network, which he has co-hosted since 2007 in collaboration with Francis Reddy. Since then, Boucar has become one of the most beloved stand-up comedian in Quebec and French-speaking Canada. In Vancouver in 2014, he will present his brand new show, “Pour une raison X ou Y”, where he strays from his most familiar themes of immigration in Canada, and picks up on his role as a university professor. The stage is transformed into a classroom where Boucar entertains us with the “scientific” explanations behind the differences in the way men and women think and behave. 

Les arts-visuels

 Originaire du Québec, mais désormais basée à Nanaimo, en Colombie-Britannique, depuis maintenant de nombreuses années, Johanne Galipeau est une artiste aux multiples facettes. Après avoir étudié les arts visuels et le graphisme à l’Université d’Ottawa ainsi qu’à l’Université Emily- Carr, Johanne se consacre à différentes discipline de l’art. Artiste accomplie dans le théâtre et plus précisément à travers les marionnettes, elle a pu travailler avec des compagnies de théâtre de marionnettes géantes avec lesquelles elle a fait des tournées à travers le pays, en plus de participer trois fois au prestigieux « Vancouver International Children Festival ». 

Venez rencontrer l’artiste lors du vernissage de l’exposition, jeudi le 30 octobre, de 18h à 20h.

Du 27 octobre 2014 au 13 décembre 2014 | Le Centre | Activité gratuite

Saturday, February 22 – 4:00pm
At the Instituto Italiano di Cultura
(Suite 500-510 W Hastings St)

Olga Tokarczuk was born in 1962 in Sulechów near Zielona Góra, Poland. A recipient of all of Poland’s top literary awards, she is one of the most critically acclaimed authors of her generation. After finishing her psychology degree at the University of Warsaw, she initially practiced as a therapist and often cites C.G. Jung as an inspiration for her work, in which mythmaking has become a hallmark. Since the publication of her first book in 1989, a collection of poems, Tokarczuk has published ten volumes of stories, novellas, and novels, and one book-length essay(on Boleslaw Prus’s novel The Doll. In English her work has appeared in numerous journals and anthologies, as has her novel House of Day, House of Night. In 1998 Tokarczuk moved to a small village near the Czech border and now divides her time between there and Wroclaw. For her latest novel, Bieguni [The Runners], she received Poland’s top book award, the Nike Prize, in 2008.


Friday February 7 – 6.30pm

At the Alliance Française Auditorium

Limited space! Please reserve before Wednesday, February 4!  

$20 non-members

Please login to benefit from the discounts for members and students!

Menu to be announced! Stay posted!

L’amour dure trois ans” directed by Frederic Beigbeder

1h38min – 2012 – Comedy / Romance – in French with English subtitles.

Starring Gaspard Proust, Louise Bourgouin, Joey Starr….

A heartbroken literary critic turns his despair into creativity following a bitter divorce, only to encounter an enchanting beauty who poses a major challenge to his newfound cynicism. Marc Marronnier thought his marriage was going well until his wife deemed him immature, and left him for a high-profile writer. Devastated, he began filtering all of his heartache into a misanthropic manuscript decrying the virtues of true love. But later, when Marc falls hard for his cousin’s radiant and gorgeouswife, his entire life is turned upside down.



From Thursday, February 6th to Wednesday, March 5th, 2014
At the Cinematheque (1131 Howe St, Vancouver)

“Still the single most influential artist to take cinema as his medium … No film artist who has ever lived would be more justified than Jean-Luc Godard in thinking: Le cinéma c’est moi.”J. HOBERMAN,NEW YORK TIMES

Since the 1960’s French New Wave, of which Jean-Luc Godard was a pre-eminent emissary, French cinema has never been the same again. The wave, preceded by Godard and his friends (Truffaut, Chabrol, Rivette, Resnais, Marker, Varda, critics at “Les Cahiers du Cinéma”) broke the dikes of film conservatism and “put a mess in the French cinema” that “made everything possible” (François Truffaut). Godard reinvented the theory of cinema: cinema is not about showing a false truth, a convincing illusion anymore, but a cinematic reality so powerful that it is suficient to itself. Godard also reinvented the way to tell a story, creating original bonds with the spectator trough the use of the mise en abîme, playing with the time of the plot and distancing himself from scenarios that were at this time too close to literature. But if Jean-Luc Godard is well-known for being a talented and an avant-garde artist, he also is an extremly lucid witness of his time, particularly during the 1960’s. He was an insighful observer of the “Glorious Thirty”, of the women’s liberation movement and he even foresaw the student unrest of May 1968.
As one of the inventors of modern cinema, Jean-Luc Godard is one of the most influential filmmakers of all time ( who deeply influenced Lars Von Trier’s Dogma 95, Quentin Tarantino, Leos Carax etc…) and he gave so much to cinema that the cinema(theque) is now eager to give back paying a tribute to that avant-gardist genius through the screening of his first 16 features, from 1959 to 1967.



Starting Wednesday, February 5 – 7:00pm
At Alliance Française auditorium

Born in 1952 in Kiev, Ukraine, Jerzy Yuri Zawistowski (Tivaud) spent his youth studying ballet. Within the halls of the Opera House in Kiev, he often spent time admiring stage installations and learning from a painter-sculptor between rehearsals. A love of visual arts was born from this experience and the seed of his craft began to grow. He went on to perfect his craft through the study of restoration at the Restoration Studio of the Hermitage Museum in St-Petersburg, Russia, and in 1979 enrolled at the Technical College of Industrial Art in his hometown of Kiev. Following an exploration into journalism and photography, he moved to Israel in 1989 where he worked as a Landscaper in Jerusalem and produced his first solo exhibition of paintings and sculptures in Tel Aviv in 1991.
Always on the lookout for new experiences and inspiration, Yuri immigrated to Canada in 1993. From his new home of Montreal, Quebec, he became a great admirer of the National Ballet of Canada and rekindled his love for this art form through drawings, paintings and sculptures inspired by music and dance. Over the next 18 years, his body of work increased significantly to include over 200 pieces today; some of which have been showcased in a dozen of exhibitions, including a Russian exposition at Montreal’s City Hall. During this period, he further polished his craft through 15 years of restoring antique furniture and sculptures, and also worked 2 years as a design assistant under master iron craftsman and fellow UkrainianOleg Shyshkin of the multi-award winningWrought Iron Art Ltd. in Oakville, Ontario.

I aim to materialize the beauty of movement, through the expression of bodies moving through space, thus creating a universe that is my own; a synthesis of crafts and a new perspective on classical dance.” – Tivaud


Danse Lahsa danse

Saturday, January 18 – 8:00pm
At Chan Shun Concert Hall (6265 Crescent Rd)

Presented by the Chan Centre and the PuSh International Performing Arts Festival

This multi-disciplinary evening lovingly honours the life and work of Montreal-based folk musician, Lhasa. Bringing seven dancers, four singers and five instrumentalists together on one stage, artistic visionary Pierre-Paul Savoie’sDanse Lhasa Danseseamlessly melds concert and dance performance into a powerful and profound tribute.

On New Year’s Day in 2010, the husky-voiced singer-songwriter lost her battle with cancer at age 37. Despite being cut short, Lhasa’s career earned tremendous critical acclaim, including multiple JUNO and BBC Awards, and a loyal community of fans through numerous tours and the release of three celebrated albums.

After her passing, Savoie was inspired to gather an esteemed group of Canadian choreographers, visual artists, dancers, and musicians, including the members of Lhasa’s original band, to collaborate on this beautiful, poetic work.

Co-produced by PPS Danse and Coup de coeur francophone. Tour supported by the Canada Council for the Arts.

There will be a pre-show talk with Pierre-Paul Savoie prior to the show as part of our Chan Centre Connects series :http://www.chancentre.com/whats-on/pre-show-talk-pierre-paul-savoie


Thursday, January 23 – 11:00am
At Alliance Française Auditorium

“Mobile Home” by françois Pirot (2012)
Starring Arthur Dupont, Guillaume Gouix…
95min. No subtitles.

After having broken up with his girlfriend and left his job, Simon has come back to his small hometown in the countryside, where he meets up again with his old friend Julien. The two thirty-year-old, unemployed and idle men decide to reinvest in an old dream from their teenage years: hitting the road for an adventurous journey. They buy a huge motor-home, but the trip is delayed by various troubles, and they decide to start their journey right where they are. Through this first motionless stage of their trip, Simon and Julien are confronted with themselves and what they wanted to run away from.

A beautiful and tender film about intelligence and its mysterious convolutions.” – Les Inrockuptibles.


Saturday, January 18 – 9:30am to 10:30am
At Alliance Française

Born in Liège in 1971, Nicolas Ancion studied philology at the University of Liège. At twenty-four, he published his first novel, Bleu ciel trop bleu, and critics were very intrigued by his absurd and cruel poetry. Many other novels followed, for adults as for youth, among them Quatrième étage, crowned by Price High Schoolers in 2001.
While his words travel the world, Nicolas travels too. He lives alternately in Montreal, Brussels, Madrid, Liège and Aude, finally, in a small village near Carcassonne, where he settled in 2007. This is where he now devotes his time to writing and animating creative writing activities.


Art Exhibit

Raphaëlle Albert


le chat.jpg

 Née en France en 1975, Raphaëlle Albert est  auteure et illustratrice pour enfants et enseignante en maternelle à North Vancouver où elle vit depuis 2 ans. Inspirée par l’enfance et les contes, elle crée un univers coloré et gourmand pour les petits et les grands.

Depuis 2010, elle a déjà publié 4 albums jeunesse aux Editions Volpilière, et 4 autres livres sont en préparation pour 2014. Elle marie avec brio le dessin à la plume et à l’encre de chine, et peint à l’aquarelle. Depuis ses débuts en 2010, Raphaëlle multiplie les expositions et ateliers créatifs à travers la France et Vancouver. Vous avez peut-être déjà eu la chance d’apprécier ses oeuvres à l’Alliance française de Vancouver, au Jericho Art Centre ou encore au Capilano Mall. C’est une toute nouvelle série de dessins qu’elle vient présenter au Centre, et que vous pourrez venir apprécier du 9 décembre au 17 janvier. 

Venez rencontrer l’artiste lors du vernissage de l’exposition, jeudi 12 décembre, de 19h a 21h. Vins et fromages seront servis.

Du 9 décembre 2013 au 17 janvier 2014 | Le Centre | Activité gratuite



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