Beedie Group Relfection

What did we do?

We went to Delta construction site and to beedie group development in burnaby then inside the beedie group development  we saw a gym and we ate a pizza in the meeting room


What Did I Feel about the field trip?/Thought

When i got to the construction site in delta first thing i thought was how long did it take to clear the land out and i was so amazed how big the land is.when we got to the beedie group development it got more exciting inside there was a gym and the meeting room turned into a pizza place.When we saw the gym the whole entire class was so amazed and when we got to the meeting room people started to shout pizza!! In the place.


If we go back to the beedie group development  i would wanna see Mr. beedie and Mr.beedie office.

120 inch HDPE plastic pipe


                                                    Thank you for reading blog

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beedie group reflections

Today was a special day, as our class went to the construction site and office building of the beedie group (an organisation that fund raises for different schools and creates lots of buildings) as we learned the long time lapse of how buildings are made to eating pizza!

Toshka syphon construction site



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dice in a corner

Dice in the corner

This is a challenge that uses die and a corner the challenge is that we have to stack the dice up in a corner and see what sides are facing so for example 6 at the top 433 at the left and 223 at the right side then you add them all up.

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aquavan reflection

When I and my class went to go see the things that the aquarium staff brought I saw a fox fur and Also I saw sea urchin and other animals in the box like spider crab one of the coolest thing I saw was the whale teeth  but on the first place I thought the whale teeth was sharp but I guess not.

In all the picture there will be interesting facts underneath


                                                 The Artic Fox

Artic fox Iceland

Interesting Facts about arctic fox the arctic fox is white and live in the arctic that’s there called the arctic fox they have the warmest pelt in the arctic also they shed fur in the winter there white and in the summer there brown

This is the Spider Crab

Hyas coarctatus

interesting fact about Spider Crabs can be found in the fresh waters they have 8 long legs that will  will hurt you. The largest spider crab was about 3.8 meters or 12 ft from claw to claw weighing up to 41 pounds or about 19 kg.

The Sea UrchinRiccio Melone a Capo Caccia

Facts about sea urchins has spines that might be poisonous you have to use tweezers to pull them out or you can go to the hospital to get them pulled out they also move slow and feed on algae.Size of sea urchins depends on the species. They usually have 1.2 to 3.9 inches in diameter

Facts about sea anemone rome around in groups they don’t move and if you touch one they have tentacles that stings the predator but dont sting human because we have a tick skin and only clown fish can go move around his tentacle because the sea anemone will think his gonna sting himself.


Facts about sea stars are naturally in the bc coast line and they really don’t move like the sea anemone.  sea anemone have stinging tentacles and starfish have suction cups


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Dragon Boating Reflection

Hey guys I’m here to talk to you about when me and my class went dragon boating.  We were split into two boats, but at the end we joined to one. The first time we dragon boated before that we walked  around the area, observed wildlife and nature, and had a picnic lunch. When we went dragon boating they got us life jackets and paddles. They taught us how  to hold the paddle and how to use it. When we got on the water we were  amazed at how far we went in such a short amount of time.  The next session we raced, and on the last session we combined into one boat and paddled together. We walked from school to dragon boating every time. It  was so fun!

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dragon boating trip refletion

my class went to burnaby lake for dragon boating we walk about like ten minutes I think. when we got to burnaby lake  we went in to the forest to see animals, plants, and some things that the animals build. then we went to the doc for dragon boating how ever for me I,m not aloud to go on the boat because my parents don,t want to risk my health so was on the doc being the reporter making sure that everyone was doing ok and take pictures. then we got back almost 3;00pm.

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