Curricular Connections


math dictionary
math videos from
online dotty grid
Online tool for drawing squares & rectangles from
Online Cuisenaire rods from
online protractor
online base 10 blocks
online pattern blocks from
online Cuisenaire rods
Virtual Math Manipulatives (mathplayground)
National LIbrary of Virtual Math Manipulatives
Balances for balancing equations (also from NLVM)
virtual spinner (NCTM)

BBC Bitesize math & other subjects (beginning levels)

Brush up on multiplication (BBC)Other maths skills games from BBC
BBC bitesize math 2
bbc bitesize math 3
Tessellations by MC Escher
Math Games at Mathfrog
Golf (angles)


Prime factorization visualizations

chess is a safe, free site for kids to learn and play chess


Online etymological dictionary (find out where words & their roots come from)
TumbleBooks: animated, talking books (under reading resources)
Young Readers Choice Awards
English vocabulary (links in other languages – best viewed in Google Chrome)
Grammar Monster grammatical terms & definitions (rules explained)
Grammar goofs that make you look silly
Webonauts Internet Academy (PBS)
KidsClick (a kid-friendly search engine)
Audio Books for Kids
Reading & other literacy activities from BBC
Grammar Bytes
Grammar Ninja
storyboard template for digital storytelling
Check out Scratch for learning about code, and check out this student project
Blogging Rubric courtesy of Mr C Fisher, Snow Lake MB.

Great commenting guidelines from HUZZAH!, a class of student bloggers on Vancouver Island
tips on giving attribution also from our friends at HUZZAH! Thanks!
Citing Sources for elementary school students from K Schrock


Classical Poems for Children (from
Searchable Index of poems & poets (from the Poetry Foundation)
Better than a thesaurus (from Lexical FreeNet)
Rhyming dictionary online (from Poetry4Kids – contains some ads)
Poetry dictionary (from Poetry4Kids)

video / slideshows / digital storytelling

Look for other movie-making software installed on your computer (e.g. iMovie or Moviemaker)
easy screencasting with Screencast-O-Matic
Jing is free screencasting software (Mac or PC)
Camstudio is free screencasting software (PC only)
Photos for class (automatically searches & attributes images licensed for reuse under creative commons)
Clipwick search student-friendly Web sites for educational videos


garageband sound loopsFree Music Archive (music free to use under creative commons license with attribution)
Soundbible (source for royalty-free sounds)
Audacity free audio recording & editing software
Myna is a free audio editing tool from Aviary who offer an entire suite of tools for creating & editing images, music & even screencasting.


science glossaryAmerican Museum of Natural History on BiodiversityABC Science (Science news and information site from Australia)
Children’s University of Manchester (info & interactives in history, languages, science, & some art)
Ecogeeks & The Wild Classroom with lots of info and video on

life science

Biomes and other topics in biology & ecology
BC Science 6 resources & review quizzes
Classification information from the Oxford University Museum of Natural History
The 6 kingdoms (from Rhode Island College)
taxonomy links
Human body interactive from BBC (muscles, organs, skeleton, nervous system)
Respiratory System
Learn about the heart
Detailed heart info & animations from the Texas Heart Institute

Circulation Station
Kids Health from CYH Australia (muscles & much more)
Skateboard Science
Solar system simulation from the Space Exploratorium
Scale of the Solar system from the Exploratorium in San Francisco
Space Suite I on Knowledge Network
Space Suite II on Knowledge Network


Calculate your carbon footprint
Climate Kids
Simon Jackson on protecting the Spirit Bear
National Geographic on Salmon Forests
Canadian Settlement – Chinese
Canadian immigration timeline
Asia – Canada settlement timeline from Historica Canada


Videos from
Government & democracy
The Right to Vote
Levels of Government
Our electoral System

Mapping Games
Where are we from?a map of Canadian immigrant populations.


Kids HealthWhat Sleep is and Why All Kids Need it
Info on infections from Child & Youth Health (Australia)
Drug facts from D.A.R.E. B.C.Pennies for Peace


fitness information from In the Zone (UK)


le français

Languages online French activities

numbers hangman

vocabulaire de Noël on Quizlet


visual elements & principles
David Hockney & his art
peace crane animation
Between the foldsorigami film Between the Foldsorigami resource center
Mathigon origamimabona origami (very cool video)
snowflakes by Connie Gulick
pumpkin art
Puppetry by Bernd Ogrodnik
Celtic knot designs from Aon Celtic Art
Celtic key patterns by Aidan MeehanWest Coast Native art mythology from Little Bear Art

Games and staying sharp

Feed people at Free Rice
Animal ID (classification)