week 6

Week 6   6/22/16

Hey, I am so sorry that I’ve hadn’t been writing! I’ve been really busy lately. Hope you guys understand. Anyway today is the I2 fair, I say today! Good thing I finished one month ago. I don’t need to be all stressed out. I know a lot of people getting things done at the last minute. Not saying any names though.

I need to end this soon, this is shorter than a lot of my other I2 journals.  My other I2 journals are longer, except week 1.


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week 6

Week 6     6/10/16

Welcome back to week 6, of my I2! It’s been another week, another 7 days, 168 hours. Anyway as I was saying my I2 is finished, so there isn’t a lot to talk about and nothing to worry about. There is nothing to be pressured about, I can just be calm, and relax! So I was wondering what I could talk about…I am going to talk about how something went wrong. In week 7 I’ll talk about something that went right. Ok let’s get started.

Something that didn’t well was that when I typed something, two minutes later I printed it out…it was so light, you couldn’t even read the words, so I tried it again, and same thing again, it was so frustrating! I tried again, it didn’t work. So, I just outlined it with pencil.

Another thing that didn’t work well was that when I just printed one thing out, it came out, but not just one, but at least 5 pages.

Another thing that didn’t go well, was that when I printed something out, it didn’t come out! Again I was frustrated. I always get frustrated, when something that doesn’t work. I mean wouldn’t you? Frustration is a normal emotion. We feel a lot.

Well, that’s it for now, tune in for week 7, and be sure to check out, next week! Next week I will be talking about what went well for me! Bye!

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Does my calculator follow the ooo?

Does my calculator follow the ooo? If you do it right, yes but if you do it wrong, then no. For instance here is a math question: 2+3×2. You might have done 2+3=5 first. Then 5×2=10. You might think this is right, but it is not! First you have to do the times first. Do 3×2=6. Then do 6+2=8. So yes, my calculator follows the order of ooo.


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week 5!

Week 5.  6/3/16

Welcome back! It’s been a week, and I have to say, I made a lot of progress! Good news! I got my poster finished! What’s on my poster you ask? Well it’s about where sea turtles live, eat and the life cycle. I won’t tell you that much though! I don’t want to spoil anything yet…or did I say too much? Now I don’t have to worry about the poster…I don’t have to worry about nothing! I give all credits to my awesome dad! And mom! My dad made a baby sea turtle out of clay, and my awesome mom made an adult sea turtle! It looks so real! Even though I didn’t have brown clay for the shell! My dad did all of the gluing and cutting! Well, I did cut…but my dad said you need to cut it better! So he did it for me! What a nice dad I have! I am planning to bring a cute toy of a sea turtle! I had it since it when I was 3 years old!

Thanks for reading, be sure to come back for week 6!

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Maestro Tovey

Listening to and watching Maestro Tovey reminded me of that music is important in life. I have this special feeling in my body, a feeling that I only feel when I listen to music. When I listen to calm music, I feel relaxed and calm. When I listen to rough, hard, loud music, I feel scared, feeling like a bad day. A really bad, not like a bad hair day…a day where everything goes wrong!

Well, my family isn’t into music…but my dad is into singing. In fact he sings every day, he sings well, well better than my mom. I’m into singing and dancing. So is my sister. My mom isn’t into anything.

The third thing I was going to say was that when I listen to calm music, I can picture a picture, I can picture something calm. Same thing as when I listen to heavy music.

Thank you for reading.

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Welcome to my 3rd week of my I2 project. Sea turtles is my topic. Last week I talked about what I don’t like about sea turtles. This week I will talk about what I like about sea turtles! Ok…so sea turtles are just an awesome animal, but they can live up to 80 years! That is a long time. Anyway what have I done this week? You ask. Well, I have been busy researching a lot of about the sea turtle. I’ve been looking for sea turtle books in the library, and I found 3 that really interest me, so I got it. 2 of the books are about the “life cycle” and the other one is about where they live, eat. I am also planning to make a model of a sea turtle. I got green clay from Dollarama. For $2! I also got some clay from Winners for $2. Well my friends that’s it for now! Please come back and read week 4!

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