Beedie Group Reflection

On April 26th, my class went on a educational field trip to the Beedie Group development site. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it but from what my peers have told me it was fantastic. They got to see one of the buildings that being completed. I think it would have been a very interesting experience though. Just to know that you made something out of something. Like if you made a door really you just made a wooden rectangle. I just thought that was interesting.

Here’s a link to my friends blogs that have more info on the visit: Holly, Kaden, and Genesis.


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beedie group reflection

On April 26th we went to a Beedie group construction site. It was really cool when we got to sit / stand in the excavator. The people there were really nice and when we were there and when we got to the site there was a guide when we were on the bus and the guide guy was Andrew. He was REALLY helpful

this is a picture of what the plan is at Delta Fraser Mills.

After the tour we went to the Beedie group office in Burnaby and we had pizza. The people in the office were really nice too.

When we went to the office we learned what the people did there, and that Mr. Beedie is there almost every day. Unfortunately he wasn’t there when we went but that was ok.

Anyway my highlight was sitting in the excavator which is written above

Thank you for reading my blog
And thank you Beeding group for making this a really fun trip.

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visiting the beedie group


on April 26th our class went to the beedie group office and one of there construction sights. when we visited the sight, my favourite part was seeing how flat the sand was. i just thought it was really cool how much sand there was.  i think it was interesting seeing all the water from the rain. we also got to go into a excavator which is really large, it held about half of the class. when we got back we went to the office and asked some questions and enjoy some lovely pizza provided by the beedie group.

Andrew who was our helper shared that it will take them approximately 5 years to finish the building we visited.

I learned that the beedie group is a owner and developer residential real estate. the name beedie” from Mr. Beedie himself. starting the company in 1954. when asking questions we learned that Mr. Beedie is in his 90’s and still comes to work every single day!

for more information about the beedie group visit :



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beedie group

my class and i went to a place called the beedie group and i was thinking if i would like it as a job in the future and i thought it wold be really cool to work in an office. it looks very fun and exciting to have your own . but i would not like yo work in the construction site it looks pretty fun but i would  rather work in an office or something else.


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Beedie group

On the 26 of April our class went to Delta to see the Beedie group construction site. I noticed that there were a lot of people at work.On the bus there was a couple of people with us and they showed us a building for Leon’s furniture . after they took the class to there office and gave us pizza and juice and my friend asked how old is mrs’beedie the people for got how old he was because he was so old, and the hole class burst out laughing 🙂

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Beedie reflection


I thought that the beedie group was cool because we got a tour of the beedie construction site. I also learned some more information about the beedie group. They were all really nice and helpful when we had questions.

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