Political Compass Activity


Image c/o politicalcompass.org

Attention all Social Studies and politically minded students! Check out where your politics fall along the political compass which plots you along a multi-axis spectrum based on a social and economic scale.

Watch the video and take the test here before print off your certificate to be posted in class later.

If time permits, check out what politicalcompass.org has to say about the last federal Canadian election in 2015.

AP Psych Exam Prep

Countdown to the AP Exam starts now!

You should have attended Monday’s AP Bubbling Party in the North Caf. If you did not, make sure you contact Mr. Scaligine ASAP so you could catch up on what was missed. 

The Diagnostic Test will be distributed in class either tomorrow or Thursday. Get it and complete at some point this weekend. Take the survey one you have completed the test:


Now is also the time to begin organizing, adding to, and reviewing those Cornell notes/index cards. 

We have received permission from Ms. Carey to access her review materials which can be downloaded from these following links:

Who’s Who: Psychologists to Know

Year End Review Notes

Multiple Choice Review: Units 1 to 7a

Multiple Choice Review: Units 7b to 14

Lastly, after school review dates are as follows:

Wednesday, April 19 – 3:15-4:15 – Units 1-4 

The first review session date has now changed to Friday, April 21 – 3:15-4:15 U1-4

Tuesday, April 25 –  3:15-4:15 – Units 5-9

Thursday, April 27 – 3:15-4:15 – Units 10-14

These are optional and will be rushing through to review the main concepts of each of the units. Please come with questions pertaining to these units on that session’s day. If you have a burning question, others might be thinking the same thing so do us all a favour and ASK!

Internet Research- The Brain

Here are the following links to our “Brain” internet research activity. Click on the following links.

Site 1: The Brain: Why we sleep

Site 2: The Brain in 3D Form

Site 3: Brain Scans

Site 4: Brains in the News and Neuroscience for Kids

Site 5: there is no site 5 or 6

Site 7: Medical News Today Article search the site for articles dealing with the brain (using Search box)  Choose one and write a 4-6 sentence summary on the article you read. 

Site 8: Society for Neuroscience

Optical Illusion sites

1 2 3 4