Internet Research- The Brain

Here are the following links to our “Brain” internet research activity. Click on the following links.

Site 1: The Brain: Why we sleep

Site 2: The Brain in 3D Form

Site 3: Brain Scans

Site 4: Brains in the News and Neuroscience for Kids

Site 5: there is no site 5 or 6

Site 7: Medical News Today Article search the site for articles dealing with the brain (using Search box)  Choose one and write a 4-6 sentence summary on the article you read. 

Site 8: Society for Neuroscience

Optical Illusion sites

Psych 11 – Big Five Personality Test…and a few others

Last class, we talked a little bit about the Big Five Personality Test… well, here’s your chance to take it! Follow the link and complete the test as honestly as you can.

Big Five Project

When done, write a few sentences describing your personality according to Big Five. Do you agree with the quiz? why or why not? You can share your result with a friend for added input. This should be a few sentences long.

Now take any one of the following tests listed on the following site (other than Big Five).

Personality Testing

When done this quiz, in your written work, name and compare the two quizzes. What were these results like? Were they similar to the “Big Five” or completely different. Which did you prefer and why?

Hand in your responses at the end of class.

Have time left? Take a few more tests!

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