Science 10 Honours Jan 30/17

Textbook Scavenger Hunt 

Scan and read the front section on the textbook after the Table of Contents.  It is represented by roman numerals.  Then do the Scavenger hunt found on page xxi.  Due tomorrow

Monday Sept 12/16

  1. Safety Test
  2. Hand out textbooks
  3. Identifying lab equipment safetymapandequipmentlist-1
  4. Handouts for tomorrows class on unit conversions phrr1-4 unitconversionnotes hebunitconversions

No Homework today.
Those who did not write the safety test today should be prepared to do it tomorrow


Sc 10 Jan 8 Earthquakes

Watched Bill Nye Earthquakes.  Discussed answers to the workbook sections 10.1, 12.1 and 12.2.  Test will be on Tues Jan 12/16

For those of you who would like to make up study notes, I am including the handouts here.  I will not collect them.




Dec 7 Ch 12 Titration

Titration/Percent purity/determining molar mass.  Hebden 94- 107

Dec 7 Fast and Slow Uniform Motion

Finish fast/slow activity in ch8.1.  Graph the data.  Will collect tomorrow.

Introduced Vav=df-di/tf-ti.

Will finish ch 8.2 workbook tomorrow.

Chem 12 Dec 4 Kb problems

Reviewed Hebden Q 74 – 83.  Today’s focus is on Kb problems.  Gave 30 min in class and assigned Q 84 – 93.  Any that are not finished is homework.  There will be a quiz on Mon Dec 7 on Ka/Kb

Ch 12 Dec 3 Ka Equilibrium calculations

It is back to ICE tables.  Today we focused on Ka.  Gave 45 min in class and assigned from Q 74-83 in Hebden.

Dec 4 Motion 8-1

Today we reviewed scalar and vector and took up the homework.  Today we talked about uniform motion and slopes of position time graphs.  Handout on slopes as well as activity 8-1D.

We discussed 8-1D and workbook 8-1 is assigned for homework.

Dec 3 Ch 8 Motion

Today we introduced motion with the focus on the difference between scalar and vector quantities.  We did act 8-1B and 8-1C as well as the definition sheet and position and displacement sheet.  I will be collecting the graph for 8-1C tomorrow.p2to5unitplan

Nov 23/15 Ch 7.1 Radioactive Decay

Finish pages 123-125 for homework.  Notes package is due next week. notesminied